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  1. Happy BIrthday Di, You are adored by many around the world! cheers!
  2. Never done it. Closest thing to it is when I can't finish my cigar during some of my drives, many times I "hang" half smoked PCs on my front rim's spokes. Most of the time after I get back after a quick hop into whichever store I was going to, the half smoked cigar ends up missing. I just light up another and have a chuckle wondering who actually picks up used cigars from people's car rim. Wish I had a hidden cam to record them "enjoying" the smoke.
  3. telecommunications, banking, real estate/property development, energy,
  4. Oh my! I just flew in from Toronto, but left for a trip in Hangzhou. What the heck. Have fun boys.
  5. happy B day Ken. Always loved your banter w the Prez, on video and otherwise. Worth the price of admission. Cheers to you.
  6. This will be a game changer across the cc world. Can't wait.
  7. Someone should do another experiment. Using a long cigar, only swapping half a wrapper. Front half maduro, back half claro. Maybe a good experiment. I'll volunteer a few cigars to Prez for this.

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