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  1. Sharing a video from a COVID-19 group. A bit of colorful language warning. 5940.MP4
  2. Thank you for the Zoom review gents. The monster fish with the big teeth behind Ken is going to give me nightmares. LOL.
  3. HK did have the experience of SARS in 2013. So far, HK citizens are doing a good job.
  4. Happy BIrthday Di, You are adored by many around the world! cheers!
  5. Never done it. Closest thing to it is when I can't finish my cigar during some of my drives, many times I "hang" half smoked PCs on my front rim's spokes. Most of the time after I get back after a quick hop into whichever store I was going to, the half smoked cigar ends up missing. I just light up another and have a chuckle wondering who actually picks up used cigars from people's car rim. Wish I had a hidden cam to record them "enjoying" the smoke.
  6. telecommunications, banking, real estate/property development, energy,
  7. Oh my! I just flew in from Toronto, but left for a trip in Hangzhou. What the heck. Have fun boys.

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