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  1. Havanaaddict

    What vintage cigars smoke well?

    @ PapaDisco Thats the million dollar question!!! When it comes to storage its all about storage, storage, storage. A lot of the time you can not track the storage because they have changed hands so many times. I have cigars that I have stored myself since the mid 90's and I really value these. I try to keep all my cigars in original boxes, I don’t do the shrink wrapped thing. My fav is cigars in 50 cabs. I store most of my cigars at low 60s RH and mid 50s temp I believe this keeps the cigars aging slower.
  2. Havanaaddict

    What vintage cigars smoke well?

    You could go Davidoff or Dunhill and I am sure you will be blown away!!! I have never been disappointed with any that I have had over the years. But get ready to spend $200 to $500 for a stick! If you want something not as expensive but still full of crazy flavors I would be looking at: 70's to 80's H.Upmanns - Coronas, PC's, 70's to 80's R&J - Coronas, PC's 80's Hoyo - Epi No.2 80's Monte - ESP 1 or ESP 2, No.4, 80's to early 90's Partagas - D4's, PC's, Coronas, If you have not experienced the flavors of vintage Reg. production cigars if you were blindfolded you would never guess the marca.
  3. This is very easy 1996 Especialidad fallowed closely by a 1492 both outstanding!!!
  4. Welcome Sir. Thank you for your skill and love you put into your craft
  5. Havanaaddict

    How often do you smoke

    3 a day 7 days a week
  6. Havanaaddict

    Havana blogs

    Very nice!!!
  7. My wife is Awesome: Cigars - (5) pack of 07' Esplendidos Bullets - (50) 9mm knifes - Il Mulino New York 8PC Acacia Wood Knife Block Set XBox game - Call of Duty Black Ops III What else could a man ask for!!!
  8. To cut down from 4 cigars a day to 3 a day
  9. Havanaaddict

    Partagas Trunk Humidor

    Hahaha It's been so long
  10. Havanaaddict

    Partagas Trunk Humidor

    So cool how I wish I lived somewhere I could get these kind of things easier!!!
  11. Havanaaddict

    Sad News - The loss of a Great Man

    My Condolences and your family will be in my prayers.
  12. Havanaaddict

    Should I be concerned?

    Yep the weight is a great way to tell!!! If you want to go by just the look of the feet I would say (5) of them would be tight!!!
  13. Start sending me boxes till I say stop......
  14. View down Obispo st. from a Junior Suite at Hotel Santa Isabel Havana!!!
  15. Havanaaddict


    Happy Birthday to you Trevor

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