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  1. I have P1 and also the huge one. I recommend the huge one as the seal was perfected and you can store lots of Churchill’s inside it. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Hi Ben I’m actually in love with the box. Just found it very strange as I think these were discontinued in 2002 but these were made in 2008. Thanks for the mistake! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Recently won an auction here for 08 Punch Petit Punch. Got the box and smoked two. Delicious cigars. Anyway at the end of the second one I say to myself this isn’t as small as I thought it would be. I look and the box and what do you know.......
  4. Did Mons bless Jorge who blessed Reynol? Asking for a friend.
  5. If your looking for a great cigar experience at an amazing restaurant I recommend Fiola. I love being able to smoke while I eat. Food and service is first class. Outdoor area is beautiful. Location is Coral Gables. Nice area with plenty of cigar bars to head to after.
  6. Current favorite is Republic of Tea Darjeeling Black Iced Tea.
  7. I'm involved in the space. If you want to learn about BTC I highly recommend: No Bitcoin is not anonymous, its a public ledger. Bitcoin is deflationary, decentralized and the most bullish asset of all time. Also read bitcoin Billionaires by Ben Mezrich. Great book.

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