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  1. miamipadronsmoker

    The friendliest cigar city in the US?

    Miami is by far the most cigar friendly US city. There are so many amazing restaurants that have cigar friendly patio's and even have humidors offering cigars. One steakhouse in particular even has pre-embargo stock. There are countless fantastic cigar bars all over the place and smoking cigars in clubs here is completely acceptable. Calle Ocho is still an excellent place to go cigar shopping especially if you enjoy Nicaraguan tobacco. I enjoy Tampa for sure but it's nowhere near the level of Miami.
  2. miamipadronsmoker


    Partagas E2 says 2011 on the subject but the code is listed as 2013.
  3. Cersei's death along with Jaime was perfect. The shows main love story has always been about the two of them. The things we do for love? Now he died to be with her at the end. The final episode should be epic. We were all hoping Dany would keep it together but it certainly made it more interesting that she didn't. So who will sit on the throne? I think we are in for a surprise.
  4. miamipadronsmoker

    ERDM Tainos

    Regional for Taiwan. Maybe we will see them here.
  5. Funny, I would put his top two years dead last.
  6. Me neither until I smoked 2018's from Partagas Factory.
  7. Imagine flying to Havana and not being able to buy a box of Espléndido. Shameful when you can just press a button an order.
  8. My current favorite, Miami Exclusive Le Labo Tabac 28.
  9. miamipadronsmoker

    Miami Custom agents

    Go through Ft Lauderdale if possible.
  10. miamipadronsmoker

    ERDM Tainos

  11. I was there a few weeks ago for the first time in 2 years and it was shocking. Appalling even. Sad state of affairs. Nothing “special” to be had. If you are going to Havana to shop for cigars your making a mistake. Very dumb on the part of Cuba. They should reward cigar tourism. I miss the old days!
  12. miamipadronsmoker

    Monsdale update?

    Both of them are there to meet demand. Sometimes even a third roller. Difficult to know who rolled your cigars unless you see it. Reynol is wonderful. The cigars I smoked there a few weeks ago were nice. That being said nothing is the same since Mons died IMHO. Only Mons had the connections to chose the best tobacco as he was highly respected in the industry.
  13. miamipadronsmoker

    Ramon Allones Phoenicio 40th Anniversary

    Sad state of affairs from Phoenicia. They continue to bamboozle their customers.
  14. miamipadronsmoker

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    6 days now and no one is going to talk about all the Bushidos showing up from the Island lately??

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