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  1. Absolutely brutal heat this time of year and those factories provide zero relief. Bless them for doing that work.
  2. I'm sorry but all I see is an ever-changing beat on this thing. Don't wear a mask, wear a mask but not n95 so sorry those are for people much more important than you, Hydroxychloroquine will kill you before Covid-19 does, Hydroxychloroquine actually works now so sorry we only told you it didn't because orange man bad, we need respirators or everyone will die, whoops so sorry we killed you on that respirator but at least we got our 30k, you can catch Covid-19 by touching things, no so sorry you don't have to wipe down your groceries, its not in the air, its in the air but its in droplets so big even a scarf around your mouth will work lol, whoops sorry again its aerosol so you probably need that N95 that we told you you didn't! Oh and your kids, make sure to punish them by upending their lives altogether because they will all die, whoops so sorry but kids don't really get or transmit Covid-19 but lets still punish them because were all a bunch of idiots. Wait, don't celebrate July 4th cause Covid-19 but protest because Black Lives Matter.
  3. On the Way Up In Your Estimation 👆 1. Cohiba Robusto 2. Cohiba Siglo VI 3. Punch Super Selection No. 1 On The Way Down In Your Estimation 👇 1. Hoyo de Monterrey Double Corona 2. Partagas Serie D No. 5 3. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No. 2
  4. I am currently smoking through a cabinet of POS 2006's. Incredible cigars and I have the feeling when I smoke them that I am killing babies. Bolivars age incredibly well. To me they develop a sweetness and depth that doesn't show up until after 10-12 years. One of the best cigars I ever smoked was an 80's Bolivar a friend sent me to try. That cigar also felt like it had decades more left in it. Ill make sure to smoke another vintage of this cigar soon to compare as it is really one of my favorites. Why they discontinued such a classic is beyond me,
  5. Loads of fun during our quarantine.
  6. GKI 03 Partagás Serie du Connaisseur No.3 chalesh
  7. I was just looking at this on ebay this weekend. Gorgeous.

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