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  1. I remember people worrying about the fresh cigars being produced 10 years ago plus because they were so good right out of the box. They said they would never age well. I think they have aged just fine. I’m really enjoying 03-10 right now. Probably more than 97-02. There is no doubt however that the best cigars I have smoked were from the 80’s to mid 90’s. I can’t wait to see how the cigars I have aged myself are in 10 more years.
  2. Sub 44 1. Cohiba Lancero 2. Por Larranaga Montecarlos 45-50 1. Cohiba Espléndido 2. Partagas Lusitania 52+ 1. Cohiba Siglo VI 2. Partagas E2
  3. This wouldn’t be the first time that one roller had the task of producing a special humidors cigars. This also won’t be the last. This is confirmed info from the head of EL. Wonder who told you different. Oh and these cigars are heavily controlled. Anything you see popping up and being sold aren’t the real deal unless they came from the pre-release boxes.
  4. Cuban Cigars per se are not contraband. You are legally allowed to bring them into the US. As long as you disclose your items and value you can insure them. I'm speaking from experience on this.
  5. You can get a special policy or rider. Even Americans.
  6. Gorgeous! I love how even the 2017 release made it in even though they were never released lol.
  7. Punch SS No. 1 wall to wall 50 cabs. I only have around 4 cabs left. My favorite cigar.

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