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  1. If you love golf, skip Pebble Beach and go to Bandon Dunes on the south-central coast of Oregon http://www.linksmagazine.com/best_of_golf/we-spy-bandon-dunes Rick
  2. Makes sense, but it used to disappear previously when I used the back button, so I figured I'd let you know. The quote box colors seem to working fine now. Thanks, Rick
  3. Jason, I just posted in the "posted-to thread icons" thread above before I saw this. In short, the icons are there in the red and black themes, but not green. They don't disappear as they should after reading the new posts and using the back button, but do disappear after refreshing or visiting the page later. Also, the previous post quote seems to be shaded now. As for the Reply/Post box, refreshing didn't make it appear for me, but simply clicking where it should be made it appear. Rick
  4. FYI, the last-viewed post icons are now there in the red and black themes, but not in the green... no biggie for me, I never use green, but I'm sure it's supposed to work for green as well One other interesting thing that seems to be a new glitch.... when I click on the icon, it does bring me to the first un-read post in the thread, but if I use the back button on my browser, the icon is still there (it should be gone, as used to be when I went back this way). It does go away if I refresh or return to the page later, so no real biggie, but I'm sure it's a glitch. Also, the "quote previous p
  5. I do find it interesting how scripture is picked and chosen to be adhered to or not. My last post... as Skyfall said, the thread has gotten off-track. I support his original post, plain and simple: "I don't have a problem with gays playing sports." Plain and simple. Rick
  6. Because this was going to hound him. Blogs and various media were starting to talk about it, and this would blow up when the draft came. Best to get out in front of this and control the story than have the tabloids control it and hound him. He did not just decide to do this out of the blue for publicity. He is a public figure and has a life and a potential future career to protect. Is this written in stone somewhere? In a handbook? What makes race "in and of itself" a statement of ones self, but being a man or woman not a statement of self? Or being a male homosexual or a lesbian not
  7. Absotively! Surprised there's not more love for these w/ all the SCdLH El Principe fans on the forum. My first choice, w/ RASSC, Trini Reyes, Monte 4 and Qd'O Coronas close seconds. Rick
  8. Thanks for posting this, been meaning to ask the same question. Hitting that "dot" icon to the left of the thread subject to go to my first unread post in the thread is a valuable tool. Switching to red does bring the icon back. Also not a red fan, but not as bad as I expected. All post text are still in black. Just the thread subject header and the member names are in red. Also the shoutbox member names, as well as the forum titles on the main forum page (that's a little too red, but I can deal until there hopefully is a fix). Thanks for the heads-up on the temporary fix. Rick
  9. As good as all the classic pairs: Burns and Allen, Felix and Oscar, Niles and Frasier. You ought to consider having an AED on the deck if Ken is smoking any more tight draws. Rick
  10. I do not think "semi" denotes 1/2 boxes. You can have Semi Boite boxes containing 10, 12, 24, 25, or 50 sticks. I believe it is used to differentiate from the Boite boxes, the difference being hinges, sealing collar and clasps (all from Trev's site... I know nothing Rick
  11. Here is Trevor's page for packaging abbreviations: http://www.cubanciga...breviations.htm This thread covers a lot of the cigar name abbreviations commonly used: http://www.friendsof...howtopic=110088 Cheers, Rick
  12. Smithy, go to the Dagobah system! Best wishes, mate. Rick
  13. You can also add a bit of sweet or dill relish to this. Can be called Russian Dressing or Thousand Island. Can also make lots of variants w/ various spices/ingredients (capers, anchovies, paprika, horseradish, etc.). I like the basic version w/ relish on a roast beef or corned beef sandwich on rye w/ cole slaw on it. Rick

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