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  1. Thanks @BrightonCorgi - much appreciated input !!. Guess I'd rather go for their Kautschuckband or rubber band before I start shaving off my wrist 🙂
  2. No, you can't Boss 😞 Yes, the nation is still a long way away ... from exploding 🙂
  3. Considering this Steinhart Ceramic GMT model - any input ? My main concern is the metal band as I have had bad experiences due to hairy wrist.
  4. Cannot add much to this thread except that my best buddy and pharmacist Andreas loves Alfa Romeo and has 2 of them - one has a special licence plate : RA 898 ... 🙂
  5. Peter Heinrichs both in downtown Cologne and in Bergheim is on my top favourite cigar merchant list in Germany. I loved smoking with him and his humour. His staff is great and very happy his daughter continues the tradition - lovely spot and one of Germany's largest LCDH ! I still drive 2 hrs every couple of months just to smoke there and spend half a day. Highly recommended !
  6. Indeed. That has been my problem buying cigars in Madrid at stores like El Corte Ingles where the rh was so high that cigars were mouldy ... Due to the dry weather they would have rh of 80/85 ...
  7. Ha !!!! Having same box code and date right now. Excellent.
  8. Sometimes all you need is a bubbly and a good cigar ....
  9. Muito obrigado ! Tavira, nice quiet town ... miss Cataplana, frango ao piri-piri and pate de sardinhas & medronho ... 🙂 From there you are quickly in Ayamonte or Huelva ... 🙂 Good luck in Badajoz !
  10. I don't consider those conditions you mention as too bad, you should give them a try ... That is what I also did for many years - buy cigars during my layovers - Having retired as a Chief Purser on 747 at Lufthansa I am so sorry to hear about your job worries, I am sure you feel devastated. Best of luck to you - Boa sorte para você meu amigo !! Oh yes - absolutely beautiful region of Portugal, love it and used to vacation there 2-3 times a year .. Agree with @benfica_77 and @JohnS about buying in Spain - that is what I used to do, drive to Huelva or Sevilla from our hotel near Albufeira, have a good lunch there and buy cigars ... Here is a Cava de "Charutos" for you in Badajoz : Real/249041525447615/
  11. Off the top of my head : Alex at Comodoro, Juanita at either Melia Cohiba or across the street at the Riviera and Cueto at La Cabaña. That's about it I believe.... While La China is still at Partagas she doesn't roll much.
  12. Well thank you !! Happy to take you to the pharmacy for a few cigars in the lab there once it opens again ! Yolanda has indeed retired and runs a Paladar in Cojimar, the seaside village made famous by Hemingway near Havana. Crisanto "Santos" of former Comodoro fame retired years ago and was a cigar consultant in both Malaysia and Honduras.
  13. Long time before "the light at the end of the tunnel is not the oncoming train light " .... but here is a suggestion for a Havana travel guide that both I and @Habana Mike would recommend once travel to Cuba starts again : Osvaldo is a good friend, speaks good English and can help you navigate Havana. Highly recommended.

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