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  1. They sure are good boys, you must be a good father and that IS a beautiful watch - enjoy !!
  2. Same here - my industry ( airline ) did not even observe those two, we had NO holidays as that is when people fly ... πŸ™‚ Never missed not having "official" holidays, the job was pretty much a permanent holiday for me most of the time anyway πŸ™‚
  3. A very touching and respectful tribute to a great friendship and a even greater loss. I feel like I share your loss right now. My heartfelt condolences. I will smoke my next cigar in honour of the friend and brother you have lost Ray.
  4. Yep, that's it - will see I take a few of Miss Yette flat bellying πŸ™‚
  5. Nice "Fatherland" box. That one name Juan March on the Bofeton struck me as very familiar. I remember him being the boss/owner of the Transmediterranea shipping company in the 60's, but I guess he was more than that : Juan March From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia : In this Spanish name, the first or paternal surname is March and the second or maternal family name is Ordinas. Juan March Portrait by Noelia Mar
  6. Same here with Miss Yette, she'll flat belly like 3-4 times during my morning walk with all four sticking out. It's been too hot here lately for a 90 min. walk in the sun. This is how she rests after the walk.
  7. Let me fix that for you : A cheese substitute in Cuba ... πŸ™‚ Myths and realities of Cuban gastronomy: condom pizzas 8 julio, 2015 / lettersfromanisland If you are a Cuban you already know what I am talking about. If you are a foreigner you need a little background. Cuba 1990’s. The country was separated from its main commercial partner USSR. The reserves where emp
  8. Same here with my Miss Yette ... πŸ™‚ video-1623924334.mp4
  9. Nino, but I do support the principle of black lives mattering, Same here. 150% I'm not ultra right, I'm not ultra left. something like the end of slavery is seismic event in the history of man, It's commemoration should be pretty obvious. Same here. Pretty late too but happy it is here. If a nation agrees to have a holiday fine with me. But don't push anything down people's thoats - they are not that stupid ... ( I don't mean you, I mean gvmts and NGO's and other assorted scammers ... )
  10. A very young Mark Knopfler playing here ... πŸ™‚
  11. Guess I will take my comment over to the music section and just let Randy Newman speak for me ... πŸ™‚
  12. A very unusual analogy IMHO. While I do agree it is a worthy celebration day event - I do agree with previous posters - it is all about Money, Christmas and .... other events. But when I grow up I wanna be a Marxist and buy a mansion in Topanga Canyon πŸ™‚ Black Lives Matter's co-founder says she is resigning from its foundation, but not because of what she called right-wing attempts to discredit her. Patrisse Cullors said Friday would
  13. Today I felt like a blind chicken who found a grain of sweet corn. A package of CR sticks arrived at my door containing some fine farm rolled cigars from β€œLa Meca del Tabaco” in Vuelta Abajo – don’t ask me how they made the trip, I will not reply …. πŸ™‚ I could not resist and smoked the Lancero right away like a thirsty man in a dry desert. After over a year of smoking regular production it was ( no arrogance intended in the analogy ) like going from McD Burgers to an Adrian Ferra Michelin starred dinner menu…. And then some ! Ninety minutes of pure bliss, aromas, flavours,
  14. Great - let's make plans to cross the Rhine river and meet πŸ™‚

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