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  1. nino

    Regional Releases

    It's 1600 Cabs - but NOT just for Germany but for 3 countries, Germany, Austria and Poland ... which is why it is called 5ta Avenida ER and not Germany ER....
  2. nino

    Regional Releases

    Had the pleasure of smoking the new PL Corona 5ta Avenida ER today. Wow - honestly a great cigar, excellent burn, draw and taste right to the end, no bitternes, guess it will be even more fantastic in 5-8 years but it is already spectacular now. More intense and concentrated aromas than the PLPC, also a bit stronger but overall a gem to smoke.
  3. nino

    Daily Quotes

    Life is like a chicken ladder, short and full of shit ... 🙂
  4. We pay the official Visa price here in Germany and it's 25€ .... 75$ seems like a rip-off to me. As for cigar shop - just across the street from the cruise terminal is Reynaldo, the LCDH Conde de Villanueva, best spot and great cigars and customs rolled cigars. I would NOT take a tour, just pick a few spots and do your own thing.
  5. nino

    Regional Releases

    Officially next week here in Germany
  6. Seriously this ^^^^^^^^^is the golden rule - thank you Andy !! And yes, I can confirm you get Champagne if you pay more for the airline ticket and sit slightly up-front ....🙂🙂🙂
  7. That is the law - only Cubans can buy a property. And the real estate market stopped "booming" after Obama canceled the "dry feet/wet feet policy" as most sales were going to finance the escape from Cuba.
  8. Some sunsets from my deck overlooking the wine region I live . ..
  9. I noticed the same @oliverdst it was more like a Bikini fashion show than a restaurant ....
  10. No problem - I'd go back to re-check and if all fails just for drinks and the sunset - there is always Santy's or 7 Dias. .. 🙂
  11. I posted a great review of Paladar Marea this year on my blog - now I am hearing bad things about it from knowledgeable people. Update 07 Sept. 2018 : Looks like the Cuban Paladar disease of "earn 500 CUC today and lose 5.000 CUC tomorrow has affected Marea in Miramar. Good and knowledgeable friends lately have reported shitty food, frozen Tuna and bad culinary experiences there. I spoke today with a group of Scottish friends who had dinner last night there and they reported it was terrible as well as expensive. So be warned - might have been taken over or the cook has been "kidnapped" by higher earnings somewhere else - happens frequently in Havana .... 😧 Nino
  12. nino

    Hotel Partagás

    So there goes the project of turning Partagas into the cigar museum .... Cuba - they already had the signs outside Partagas about the building becoming the cigar/tobacco museum ...
  13. That was the big mistake I did 15 years ago - to think that Cuba would change. It has changed, but for the worse, politically and economically. And Cubans have access to a gvt. censored Internet only, the gvt. controls the I'net - plus : the Internet costing $1 an hour and people making $25 a month you can guess how many hours they stay on the I'net ....
  14. 4 a day in the sumer here and 2 a day in the winter - Havana .... 6-8 a day.

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