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  1. ^^^This. And this from the very good article linked in above post : While Zacapa’s label doesn’t explicitly say “23 years,” the average consumer would be forgiven for thinking every drop is aged at least that long. This isn’t a minor point. A quick online search for “Zacapa” reveals that many retailer listings say “23 year.” If retail sellers can’t accurately deal with this subtlety, what hope do consumers have? And is this fair to brands who use actual age statements on their labels? Foursquare Rum Distillery’s Richard Seale, a vocal critic of solera aging, minces no words: “Th
  2. You mean he was grumpy, spoke French and that skateboard is actually a grand baguette XXL .... 🙂
  3. Or smoke it in a pipe ... 🙂 Happy he enjoyed the cigar !
  4. Counting 12 dead Generals so far .... A retired Brigadier General dies in Cuba, and so far 12 have died since 11J Hiraldo Antonio Mora Orozco would have died from Covid-19, according to the official note. DDC Havana 18 Sep 2021 Mora Orozco is the third senior official of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) to die in a week and a half, according to the official media, and the number 12 reported since last July 11, the day when massive protests against the regime shook the island. From that date on, obituaries of hig
  5. Plenty of warning signs. Most obvious that non-existent/fantasy code TOR L 013 on the box and the sticker plus some more signs on the HU box. Absolute sorry joke. .
  6. Courtesy of a friend of mine in Tarpon Springs FL - a lovely b/w movie of the cigar industry in Tampa, Ybor City and Cuba back in the 1930's and late 1950's.
  7. Last episode of the second season - a small Cava in Madrid run by a nice lady, cigar smoker herself and Ernest smoking a cigar at the Puerta de Alcala, the iconic gate to Madrid. Nice !
  8. Love it - no toilet paper ( or imported from Vietnam ) but Crypto .... what a joke. At least good old Granma or CUP have a use when you run out of toilet paper ... 🙂 Reminds me of a time in 2012 when I broke the toilet seat of my Casa Particular in Playa Larga and had to cover it with ... good old old Granma after morning coffee and a 1972 Nectares ( Sorry David, had to be ... )
  9. Found one - coming my way in a week. Nice box, but not ceramic @Ryan
  10. Here is an appetizer and a good starting point : El Laguito This is from 2014 when I happened on a group of Swiss Harley bikers there. Good fun !
  11. Same here - after 2 bike accidents ( a cracked rib in Bali and a torn knee in Thailand ) I much prefer to be in the a/c Mini Van taking care of the rum and cigar stock ... 🙂 Did it 10 years ago with 2 Cuban friends a a S'pore buddy and it was tough enough even in the Mini Van.
  12. Beautiful place and region, wish it was a bit closer for me to visit ! Reminds me of a visit to the Codorniu cellars in northern Spain. The Champagne region of France is only 3 hrs driving from me and I enjoy a visit there once in a while. Was interested in seeing more of Abrau-Durso but your link was flagged by the AV in my PC so I googled and found another link and a nice video on YT :

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