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  1. Gambas al ajillo WITHOUT ajillo do not make much sense, Prez. So, yes, you're right - no ajillo means 100% different and they would not be Gambas al Ajillo. ( Dreaming of Santys right now ... My take is that wrapper does not add more than 10% of flavour to the cigar, while Ajillo adds 100% flavour to the Gambas
  2. nino


    Used to be Lufthansa Cargo, it is now Hellmann Logistics. All cargo and HSA warehouses insured by a Lufthansa subsidiary, DELVAG.
  3. Thanks @h. ala but @Kierkegaard mentioned earlier in this thread that he started at 12 ... so I humbly take second spot ... 😀 And thank you for the kind words on my blog !!
  4. 1967 and I was 14 yrs old - in a summer camp in Spain ... Hooked ?? ... Cubans hooked me. All of them ... 🙂
  5. nino


    Heist is my middle name when it comes to Mastercases .... 🤣🤣🤣
  6. That is a very modest amount for Munich - try renting an apartment there and let your tears flow ... 🤣 Yeah, it signifies that while you have a German nick, your German is nothing to write home about - the name means Four Seasons Kempinski.
  7. Yes - I do it all the time. You should better have your boxes opened in HAV and check for ( specially ) beetle infestation as well as your favourite wrapper colours. Ask nicely but firmly and if the staff does not accept your request, go away and buy somewhere else where they do. I know of friends who received beetle-infested boxes ( after being shown good boxes ) etc., etc.... Not that it happens all the time, but it happens. Better be safe than sorry.
  8. Great, Happy to helpt out on the transportation side - @Corylax18 let me know the numbers and J. will take care of the transportation arrangenments. J. can also call Osvaldo directly and find out the best days, guess that's better than mail exchange ....
  9. Yes, he does .... my Spanish is just a notch higher than yours ... @Corylax18 - what can I say .... He can arrange a 12 seater Van - smoking - for a trip to the plantations and Hector Luis, no problem. I will stay back in Havana and take care of the Casa for you ....
  10. @Ryan - Thank you for putting ALL information so precisely into a post Andy - much appreciated as are your common sense advices. Looking forward to have some Havana fun again ...
  11. @Corylax18 - FYI : that spectacular driver you have for the time there is able to arrange for a bus for 12 persons to HLP farm and back, just let him/me know and we can have that planned. Remember he needs like a week or two advance notice ... 😀
  12. I'll be there Nov 8th for 3 weeks. Not attending any Partagas events. See you at Espacios and the usual eating places ...
  13. All good except : Yolanda rolls at Melia Habana Hotel which is next to the Comodoro Hotel in Miramar and Juanita rolls at the Melia Cohiba Hotel which is in Vedado. Good luck !

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