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  1. Meat - what meat .... ? I don't think we'd like to find out what their contents are. There's a lot of talk of Cubans being offered "Tripas" as meat - don't think translation is necessary...
  2. I have the Defi and am quite satisfied with it, never had a problem so far. But my preferred torch lighter and the one I use everyday is the Prince Blazer PB 207 mentioned above, never had a better torch lighter. Worth the price.
  3. Great interview with many insights - thank you !! And you are very modest @ATGroom, it IS a lot work to maintain a website - love alone does not do the job ... Sign me up for the book when it is released. Thank you for your work !!
  4. Peaches and cream - moved them to a new cellar, all dandy.
  5. Hey Ginseng - long time no hear, good to see you again !
  6. Sure, happy to pass on facts. The situation there has continued to deteriorate for more than 60 years now ...
  7. From the Economist Intelligence Unit - Cuba's economic outlook, inflation and debt for this year as reported on 14yMedio : Cuba will have an inflation of 400 to 500% this year The report on the first quarter of the Cuban economy was prepared by the British ‘think-tank’ Economist Intelligence Unit 14ymedio, Havana | April 02, 2021 The Cuban economy is going from bad to worse according to the latest projections presented by the experts of the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), which announces an inflati
  8. Another fine example of a Cuban shithead - policeman fines an old man 2000 Pesos for saying in public that he is hungry ... "Being hungry in Cuba is also a crime. An elderly Cuban identified as Ángel Granado Santiesteban, a native of Mayabeque, was fined by the Castro police after shouting “I'm hungry” in the middle of the street. The complaint comes through social networks by
  9. Not only I agree 100% with your comment - but : the Cuban Soberana vaccine has not even finished phase 3 trials as of today April 2021. It has not been released yet and all my Cuban friends tell me they won't be used as guinea pigs. Cuba has no aspirin, no basic medicines, no food - but expects tourists to take an unproven vaccine - 100% Bullshit propaganda. Today's news : Collapsed hospitals due to Covid cases, no ambulances, no food in hospitals, total chaos :
  10. My Easter cigar with a sparkling Rose - last one for a few days as cold front is coming in. Edmundo Dantes Mexico RE, very spicy and quite strong, almost Nicaraguan in taste profile, great construction. Impressive sky over the vilage. @Chucko8 In all of 90 minutes I saw just 2 a/c overhead ( an A-340-600 and an A-321 ) on approach to FRA whereas in "normal" times it would have been closer to 25 ...
  11. Came across this black & white video of Cuba in the 1920's with extensive coverage of tobacco harvesting.
  12. Here is an extensive article in German from our state tv channel about the award ceremony with several videos and interview of the couple. Ordensverleihung in Berlin - Biontech-Gründer Türeci und Sahin erhalten Bundesverdienstkreuz
  13. Hahaha .., and here I thought it was just a Spanish school tradition 🙂 Quite well known and respected couple in my neck of the woods, not just because they are neighbours here. Just received Germany's highest civilian award from the President. Well deserved.
  14. Yep, lots of shitheads in that particular Ministry - must be the same Mofo SOB that fined a 25 year old street vendor selling bananas in Holguin for not having a licence 5000 Pesos ( 200 US$ ) and seized his bananas. The 25 year old guy went home and commited suicide. That is how revolutions are started ... in other countries.... "Just over 10 years ago, exactly on December 17, 2010, in a town in Tunisia, Mohamed Bouazizi, a young street vendor, blew himself up after the police conf

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