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  1. Are there any good shops for cigars in Budapest?
  2. I decided to buy a 28 bottles wine cooler instaed. Works great! Saved me a lot of work...
  3. I tried calculating the BTU on the unit...the result was approximately 342 BTU/hour or 100 watt. Dont know what that means... As for the others...I have no idea how to calculate them. can you help? Basically, I need to lower the Temp in the unit during the summer by 8C-10C
  4. wow looks so cool. Wish I had the knowledge to build something like that...
  5. Thanks for your help. my cabinet is not insulated. I visited Bob Staebell site. he has electronic humidifier. didn'nt see electronic coolers for sale. In the summer it can get in here to 30C +. I have AC but when Im at work its turned of.
  6. I am looking for a cooling kit for my cabinet. I came accross this kit on ebay. will it work as a cooling system for a 1.9M height / 70cm width / 50cm depth cabinet? Thinking of installing it on the back of the cabinet at the bottom and include some fans to help the Circulation. I was thinking on connecting it to a Temp controller like this:
  7. Hello So I decided to purchase a cabinet humidor only to realize how expensive it is. I purchased a standing closet with a glass door. Its made of wood. Dont know what type...its seconed hand purchase. In my country there ia no spanish cedar for some reason. Will it be ok to store the boxes in a regular closet? Any tips? Also how should I keep it cool during the summer? I have RH beads to spread around the humidor for humidity. Thanks!
  8. Hi Any good places in Philipnes (Boracay) selling cigars or a cigar bars? Thanks.
  9. The best Chuck Norris joke is google "Where is chuck Norris" and go to the first link google find. I did it for you just press the link above.
  10. Listening to the KING of Jazz music, Miles Davis - Kind Of Blue
  11. I'm 61-62 in my wine cooler. Because of my temp / RH outside it is difficult maintaining higher than that.
  12. I have tried the Behike 54 just to know what all the fuss is about and it was one of the best cigars I have tried so far.
  13. Hi guys, Its been a long time since my last purchases and I am starting to get back in the game I ordered the Meade TM005X-M hygrometer and placed it the the wine-cooler which is pretty empty as I only have one box atm. Anyway, TMALSS do I need to calibrate the hygrometer or its just 'place and forget'? Don't pay attention to the data, I just put all the systems to work, hopefully it will level on 65%RH~ P.s. the Temp is in C.
  14. Its been a long time since my last order, had a lot of changes in the past years. Just pulled the trigger on my favorite cigar, a box of PSD4.
  15. I just saw that article, the funny thing is that its a dead end street so what the hell they were trying to do

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