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  1. Mort owns both but I have not been to the River Oaks location, just the one at 610 @ Post Oak.
  2. Davidoff of Geneva and Embajadores in the Galleria. Can smoke on the patio at Pappas and the Palm. Stogies is next door to the Palm. Prior to Covid we held our local herbs at Embajadores.
  3. I don't consider it mild. Mild to me is ERDM. That said, it isn't going to punch you in the face like a young Mag 46 will. If you want more mongrel in a QD, then look at the QD 54. Just my two cents.
  4. Mag 46 Punch Punch QD 50 All are different than what you currently have.
  5. Have you never tried a Mag 46 with about 8 or more years on it? If not, you need to find one to smoke.
  6. Done my part, my Pfizer double tap is scientifically proven to be vastly more effective than a silly mask. Just waiting on the rest of the population to take one for the team too. I will give you this, most people are gross. Think about how many people, prior to Covid, did not wash their hands before eating or after using the restroom. 🤮 A mask and washing their hands are both good first steps for them. Probably should add not picking buggers out of their noses to that list as well.
  7. Getting into the rollback would be political, so we should just leave that alone. Nothing in life is zero risk, nothing. Laugh a little and don't be so rigid with your 0% tolerance level.
  8. Here's the issue with the pro-mask argument. When Covid began, the science behind mask wearing was based on the mask being: (a) an N95 to N99 (b) properly fitted (c) worn on a clean shaven face What percentage of mask wearers would you say check all of those boxes? Maybe 1%, but most wear a homemade mask, spandex & lycra mask, surgical mask, bandana, or neck gaiter. The only reason those options were recommended, this time a year ago, is because N95 masks were impossible to find. Additionally, it was believed that something was better than nothing. However, those m
  9. Really happy to be of service. Can we say with any degree of certainty that vaccinated people are unlikely to spread COVID to unvaccinated individuals? "The emerging data confirms what many of us thought would be the case—that not only do the vaccines stop symptomatic COVID, but they also make it highly unlikely that someone can even be infected at all. I think the preponderance of the evidence supports the fact that vaccinated individuals are not able to spread the virus." "Our data from the CDC today suggests that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don't get sick, and t
  10. Ah, yes facts. 0.02% to 0.0008% breakthrough rate once vaccinated (sources vary). The CDC reports 9,245 breakthrough cases out of 95,000,000 fully vaccinated. See below Total number of vaccine breakthrough infections reported to CDC 9,245 Females 5,827 (63%) People aged ≥60 years 4,245 (45%) Asymptomatic infections 2,525 (27%) Hospitalizations* 835 (9%) Deaths† 132 (1%) *241 (29%) of the 835 hos
  11. 1. I don’t believe your first point is correct. 2. I believe point 2 is correct, including death. 3. Face masks don’t do squat. Texas and Florida say hi. I am fully vaccinated and on a packed plane from Texas to Colorado at present.
  12. Clearance day is always a good time to go to camp. Get in that 24:24 thread and buy 😉
  13. Of course, camp never closes. Heck, I have done my fill the last couple weeks on 24:24. Licking my wounds until today's post.

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