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  1. phidelt076


    I use one of these while hunting and they work perfectly!
  2. Mine would be Boli PC, my first box purchase and favorite cigar. Second would be QDO Coronas
  3. Let's see here's my mistakes and advice: 1) skimping on accessories - cheap cutters and lighters can and will ruin the cigar smoking experience. Spend the extra $20 and get a nice cutter and lighter. Nothing worse than ruining a $10 stick because your $0.99 cutter destroyed the end. I have no complaints with Xikar cutters and lighters and their customer service is top notch. 2) buying cheap and small humidors - missing a good sale because you're out of room sucks. So does worrying yourself to death about the RH all the time because you have a crap seal. Wine coolers and regular coolers both with beads are working perfectly for me now while I'm saving up for a custom cabinet. 3) bringing only a couple of premium sticks to a party. Someone who doesn't have the background to enjoy it is going to ask for it and toss it after 10 minutes. This is a lot less annoying with a pedestrian NC stick. On a side note I carried virginia slims cigs with me back in my college days for my friends that always smoked but never bought their own. Hilarious to see people's faces when you pull out those long skinny cigs for them when they're bumming! 4) getting all worked up over slight fluctuations in RH. It happens, don't stress about a 1-2% swing. This happens with temp changes etc. Your sticks will not spontaneously turn to ash like a staked vamp with short term humidity swings. 5) don't get frustrated if you can't pick up all the flavors people describe in their reviews. I've smoked cigars for about 10 years now and still don't have a very refined palate. I know what I like and don't like and that's good enough for me. 6) smoking a cigar with a less than perfect draw. Life's too short and there are too many cigars to fight one and end up unsatisfied after an hour. I smoke to relax and tight or too loose of a draw isn't relaxing. 7) cut and draw test before you head out or carry more than one stick
  4. Although I don't do the exact same thing you're looking to do, I do label all of my NC boxes with the month/yr of purchase. We have one of the p-touch label makers up at work that I use to make the sticker labels. You don't have to worry about ink fade or rubbing with those.
  5. phidelt076

    iPhone 5

    I agree with the point that for me there really isn't a wow factor with the 5. The only reason I upgraded from the 4 to 4s was for Siri. I'm perfectly content with the screen resolution, picture quality, screen size, etc on my 4s and I can't personally justify the cost of upgrade, especially when I factor in the need for adapters to use my existing charges/accessories.
  6. phidelt076

    one antlered deer

    I shot a nice mature buck a few years back with one antler. It's the largest bodied deer I've taken so far. I can confirm that steaks and summer sausage from a one antlered deer tastes just as good as it does from one with two antlers. I'll see if I can find a picture of him.
  7. phidelt076

    someone has to say it...

    Longtime Cowboys fan here but I was extremely impressed with RG3 yesterday! Also enjoyed watching Manning and the Broncos last night.
  8. I was gifted a Monty Especial early on when I began smoking cigars. I was floored someone would just give me a Cuban cigar. I set it aside in a display humidor I had and waited about a year before I smoked it and remember it being the most amazing cigar I'd ever had. I stumbled across a couple of boxes of '98's for a great price that I have been sharing with friends when we celebrate their b-days, promotions, etc. That cigar always reminds me of the generosity I was shown so I pass that along on special occasions. I don't typically call something my own "special occasion" but always go to the Boli PC when I'm celebrating and want that "sure thing" cigar. These were my first box purchse after getting some samplers and is the cigar I always stay stocked up on and never has let me down.
  9. Looks like you've packed well! Which beach are you headed to? Enjoy the time off!
  10. Those Monte's look tasty. I'm a big fan of the Woodford Reserve. A good friend of mine introduced me to it about 10 years ago and I usually have a bottle of it at home.
  11. phidelt076

    Blank Cigar Bands

    Excellent idea! Thanks for sharing. I never would have thought of this.
  12. phidelt076


    I usually end up getting a couple during hunting season. The amount of time I spend walking around in hunting boots is brutal on my feet and one of my girlfriend's pet peeves is dry, rough feet. I actually kind of enjoy it. The place she goes to has a bar in it so that helps. It's actually pretty relaxing having a crown on the rocks and getting a calf massage.
  13. <- Fingers crossed for an HQ box of JLP Cremas with a free Distinguido
  14. phidelt076

    Water problem in the wineador

    I would also check the seal on the unit. The one time I've had a problem with water pooling in mine I found the small nail from one of my boxes stuck to the seal which created a gap. As soon as I removed the nail my condensation problem went away.

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