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    Hello from Wyoming

    Welcome, unfortunately not much in that part of the state when it comes to cigars. I was just down the road from you a month ago visiting family in Worland (home town). Anyway, enjoy some of that Wyoming whiskey and a good smoke.
  2. the3cs

    a really awful joke

    Good one, nearly fell out of my chair...
  3. the3cs

    So My Wife...

    Congratulations... No words can describe the enjoyment of seeing them grow and develop as a person, it is something one must witness firsthand. ... and the best words of advice I ever received - 'Expect the worst, hope for the best'. I have also found this analogy to be very accurate - 'Your kid's do unto you as you did unto your parents'. Best wishes and enjoy the ride.
  4. Work in IM for a seed company in the midwest.
  5. the3cs

    Greetings from Iowa

    Frank, I'm from the Des Moines area (Urbandale). With my better half from Sioux City, it seems as if I am always in or around Omaha. Besides, the zoo (for the kids) and Lo Sole Mio Ristorante are always reasons to visit in my family. Regards, Zane
  6. the3cs

    Greetings from Iowa

    Greetings to all; I come your way via a discussion of radio shows on another forum and DOGWATCH. My grandfather set me in this direction of life some years ago and I have not looked back. I currently reside in Iowa with my wife and kids, but as soon as the kids are gone my wife and I are heading back to my old childhood stomping grounds of Wyoming. It seems she has a fascination for skiing and I for fishing. Anyway my experience with CC is limited to the few acquired in Vancouver on a family trip to Whistler, and so I have decided to delve into the finer things in life. I look forward to the learning curve. Regards, Zane

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