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  1. Mental illness is a terrible thing. Appearances of happiness can be deceiving.
  2. Hey all, The box is in great shape and filled with some glorious contents. Here are the puts and takes: Puts 1. Edmundo Dantes Conde Belicoso RE TOR DIC 16 10 points BAG 1 SLOT 4 2. H. Upmann Connossieur A ASR OCT 17 4 points BAG 1 SLOT 6 3. Ramón Allones Club Allones LE RAE JUL 15 8 points BAG 2 SLOT 1 4. Trinidad Fundadores RAE JUL 15 6 points BAG 2 SLOT 5 5. Cohiba Robusto AMO MAY 17 4 points BAG 5 SLOT 1 6. Ramón Allones Gigantes ABO SEP 17 4 points BAG 6 SLOT 1 7. H. Upmann Sir Winston MOL JUL 17 4 points BAG 9 SLOT 1 8. Padrón 1964 Anniversary Monarca 2015 (freebie) BAG 25 SLOT 1 Total: 40 points Takes 1. #28 H. Upmann Half Corona TOS SEP 16 2 points 2. #46 Montecristo 80th RUM AGO 17 10 points 3. #50 Montecristo Edmundo AMO ABR 17 2 points 4. #58 Montecristo No. 5 AUT AGO 15 4 points 5. #72 Punch Coronas 1995 16 points 6. #80 Rafaél Gonzales 88 SOM DIC 16 4 points 7. Andaulsian Bull (freebie) BAG 25 SLOT 1 Total: 38 points The box will go out to @Nekhyludov tomorrow!
  3. Shoot. Been traveling for work and haven’t had a chance to smoke this. I assume I missed the deadline?
  4. Box showing as delivered! Will be picking it up when I get home from work. Puts and takes shortly.
  5. Yeah I’m pretty sure I’ve never had a RASS like that. Hey Rob, is this “blind taste test” just a way to get rid of some of Ken’s lousy stock?
  6. Enjoying my first one ROTT as we speak and it’s glorious. Glad I ordered three boxes. Might have to add a few.
  7. I love this cigar. It’s just about a perfect vitola for me.
  8. About one a day for me. Sometimes a few more on the weekends.
  9. Yeah, Spanish cedar isn’t actually cedar. It’s closer to mahogany. You won’t want to use the aromatic American cedar that I assume this chest is made of.
  10. Being in Texas I decided to go with temperature control. I know I could’ve gone the Wineador route. But this is a lifetime passion for me. It seemed worth the investment to go with something beautiful that will also last a lifetime. Let’s face it, I use my humidor every day. It’s a part of the home and brings me great joy. I have no regrets going with the Aristocrat. PS: It’s amazing how much the collection has grown since those photos! I need a recent shot.
  11. If the Browns do go with Mayfield at 1, we will see three QBs go in the top three (Mayfield, Darnold, Allen).
  12. I agree. I’d be very upset if I were a Giants fan and heard Barkley’s name at 2.

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