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  1. I wanted to travel the world and take pictures. Now I'm a photographer, traveling the world.
  2. I had a great spot for the parade, you can see lots of images on my FB page. Its amazing Philly gets such a bad rap, but with close to a million drunk people on basically one street, there were only 3 arrests.
  3. My daughter also made me a cigar ashtray a few years ago. Sadly it did not hold up to colder outside temps, but just the thought warms me heart. I know the feeling brother.
  4. In Paris for some 'old french style' family eats, hit : Le Bouillon Chartier 7 Rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 Paris, France nice atmosphere, inexpensive eats, waiters that know what they are doing. have been many times, always enjoy it.
  5. Rob, put me on the list for 3 sticks when you decide on that sampler box. Always a fan of Dips, I'd love to both smoke some and add to my 'Dip Box'.
  6. As a Dip fan I am looking forward to getting a box of these.
  7. Misses and I couldnt wait to get out of a family party to snuggle on the sofa and watch CV tonite. Every year, just gets funnier. I have to put my drink down before he falls thru the attic floor as I know I will shake with laughter.
  8. Welcome, just made my first trip out to Sonoma for some wine experiences and to enjoy its beautiful coast. Stayed north of Jenner and enjoyed every minute of it, even had to come back to PA to see fog as there was none in CA! Lots to learn on this site, enjoy.
  9. Pepin Black Label, and any of the Flat Bed Cigar Company line.
  10. If you get this message, ask for Trish in the shop, she is a friend of mine from here in the states, great girl. Her husband Carlos owns the shop.
  11. Alwys pack at least one for each day, often bring a few home unsmoked but like to have enough to share also. If you are in San Pedro there is a nice small shop there that does have some legit smokes down near the airport. If you are not going to San Pedro, I'd recommend you do, along with a taxi ride to Caye Caulker!
  12. $462 US But put me down for a few singles anyway. Michael "Dip" Reds
  13. I had an aged BRC last weekend (about 5 years in my box) and it was really special. So smooth, didnt want it to end.
  14. "What I think you're aiming to do is take the registration down for FoH and make it an invite or referral only forum, but it will still be searchable and found all over the internet which will still generally be a public forum." This was my thought also, if it was to go private for posting and certain site areas, still be public to provide newbies the wealth of information here to feed the 'hobby'. It worked for me!

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