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  1. I think I still have a whole box of those sealed. I keep avoiding cracking it open after having gone through a couple boxes. Those things are really good.
  2. Thanks Kam, just came in from San Diego, heading off to Singapore and Bejing next, but I'll definitely be in Sydney for the next couple of days. Just to clarify, we can smoke at Bodieguito or Cohibar? I just want a place where I can pick up a half a box or so with my mates and kick back some place comfortable and have a smoke. So far, loving Sydney.
  3. Hey everyone, just got to Sydney for two days of an internal business conference. Good times, but I'm especially looking forward to somking some cigars during the night. So what do I need to know about smoking here? I keep reading all the usual Aussie horror stories about tightening cigar laws... but I'm assuming you guys know where to go?
  4. IMHO, this is the core of communism in practice, this is what it means. There is no competition between houses, and if you smoke Cuban's, it all flows to Habanos. There's no doubt that we can shift our money elsewhere, or slow down the spend, but if Habanos believed that, would communism be running the show? If there were different brands, undoubtedly a smaller house would produce the off beat cigars we want, but it's not so. Personally, I think it's time to admit that this all part of the system they produce cigars under and "oh well."
  5. It is illegal in the US to do business with cuba outside of strict guidelines. I think it's pretty obvious his bank elected to do business with a US bank and to ask them to break the law by facilitating the transaction. Just as if they had participated in a drug transaction. I get that the US embargo is not an international crime, but then how did this happen? Is it possible that based on treaties that US law gains international authority without being international law? How was Kim Dotcom arrested in new Zealand as an NZ citizen? When his crime is so clearly based on vague US claims, and he never set foot in the US? I would suggest that the US law in fact has international rights, based on treaties signed with other countries, and that it's likely this cop's bank sent the money through a US bank which in turn was asking the US bank to commit a very real crime. If people overseas want to live free of unusual US laws, I think it's logical that they don't ask US entities to participate.
  6. Not to agitate the Canadians, but when it comes to drugs simply passing through a Canadian airport between two foreign airports... Well Canada doesn't consider it a foreign transaction anymore. US laws applying overseas is well established, for example in sex tourism cases. If a foreigner were to travel through the US on their way to Thailand to partake in some sex tourism, you can bet your farm that the foreigner will be arrested passing through again. Larger issues are about the Internet, tearing down the bodog poker address or arresting the mega upload guy in NZ. This is quite tame by comparison. Why is this guy not asking his bank why they send his money to the US before Germany?
  7. Yeah, the part they are leaving out is that the money was wired to the US and then to Germany. It was held automatically in the US because the destination is a known cuban cigar supplier. They haven't taken it either, they've merely seized it and now the guy has all sorts of rights to get his money back. It's a sad and overblown story. Too bad that his bank never told him that they use the US for international transactions. More interestingly, the US has a list of bad destinations..... that's something to know about.
  8. Those are great sticks! You must have a bad box.
  9. We can only wish that all fakes looked that bad... it'd certainly save us all some sanity.
  10. Wow, very sad. I'll miss his commentary for sure.
  11. Cardboard is one of the main breeding places for cockroaches, they lay their eggs inside and then bam. So, in général don't keep cardboard that has arrived from any warehouse in the world anywhere in your home.

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