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  1. I´m a fan of both the Bolivar and the Punch – but I´d vote for the Bolivar! It´s a legend already as this is (together with the other Bolivar RE 5ta Avenida) the only Cuban Cigar ever made to meet the wishes of a wide majority of Aficionados who had been asked beforehand to choose their favorite Marca and Vitola for an upcoming RE! Beside that, it´s a phenomenal cigar, though right now it goes through a difficult period (is it sick? Not sure, but Aromas are a bit muted now after about 2 years). RA Belicosos are quite enjoyable, but not more in my opinion … Greets, Speedy
  2. Good to hear the last of the production run seems tasty – should give them a try as I really like the vitola. I remember some Inmensas I tried a couple of years ago. These were from ´98 and I had the feeling they were far beyond - almost no taste, very very light, utterly disappointing. Probably just a bad box, probably the „new“ mixture mentioned above and the reason Aficionados turned away from that stick and it got discontinued later… Greets, Speedy
  3. Don´t think so. Too close to the established „Robusto Extra“ (RM50 x 155mm vs. Cañonazo RM52 x 150mm) Just my 2 €-Cent ;-) Speedy
  4. Just to confuse you with more details: Prices for Germany: Monte No.2 = 16,62 $ Big Mäc = 5,- $ I think (I don´t eat fast-food) Should buy more Monte No.2 before the cubans read my post… ;-) Speedy
  5. Don´t think this is typical. I have smoked through almost one and a half boxes since they have been issued last year and there was not a single one I would have called „sick“, „green“ or „premature“ ;-) They have all been a delight, most being devine in aroma and power. There were some minor problems with some being rolled too loose and one too tight, but never ever during the last 1.5 years there was nuances of „dirt“ or utter horror. Must have been that single cigar being underwhelming. Don´t judge for the rest of your box. By the way: Mine have been out of the foil since I bought them. I a
  6. SOME??? There should be at least one Lancero in each marca. I would not need any other vitola… Greets, Speedy
  7. Some of the above mentioned cgars I wouldn´t call "strong" – but that´s personal liking… Also, I would add the Bolivar Gold Medal – very nice straight forward flavor and quite a bit beyond "medium" bodied. And don´t forget the Trinidad Ingenios – wow! Greets, Speedy
  8. How true! I remember once seeing a table napkin saying: You never know what life brings – eat dessert first! I´ll never forget that… ;-) Regards, Speedy
  9. Just a short update: At a price-point of 320,- Euro I decided to not buy this box (or even the two of them). Too risky getting a plugged box. Probably something I´ll regret for a long time, but hey – there are so many other wonderful boxes of great cigars around… Greets, Speedy
  10. Dear FOH, as I have the chance to buy up to two boxes of ERdM Tainos, boxed in 11/´01, I would love to hear your opinions on these. I really appreciate the marca but don´t have any experience with the Tainos. I don´t question wether I would like them, but generally I avoid buying boxes from ´01. But then again the Tainos are often referred to as being very well constructed. So, would you recommend buying ERdM Tainos from that year? How are they compared to other/later production dates? Thanks & looking forward to your answers, regards, Speedy
  11. A great vitola! Mag46 – a classic if aged for a couple years. Punch RS11 – powerful & loads of flavor. Partagas Serie D No.3 EL 2006 – great and even better than the D3 EL´01. Siglo IV - best Cohiba imho. Just ordered a box of RyJ Ex#3 – nice roasty flavors. Would like to find some ERdM Gran Coronas or Punch Super Selection No.2. Forget about Punch Punch and Juan Lopez. Greets, Speedy
  12. Did I mention I like playing the smart-ass? The above described Especiales No.1 is in fact named „Especial“ only. No plural, no number ;-) (as seen on my box). Both cigars are phantastic smokes you can´t go wrong with – if you like the Monte characteristica. I would say they differ in aroma – not length only. My Especiales No.2 from ´06 are marvellous, the Especial from ´07 are still a bit muted and I´m looking forward to enjoying them in autumn or next year… Greets, Speedy
  13. Cigar prices and income varies – that´s what I read from this list ;-) My fav cheap&cheerfuls are (in this order) - Partagas Super Partagas - Romeo y Julieta Mille Fleurs - Partagas Mille Fleurs - H. Upmann Majestics Greets, Speedy
  14. Super P is a very enjoyable cigar if you can deal with it´s straight forward, non-complex character. For it´s price, I prefer it over the Partagas Mille Fleurs, Aristocrats or Petit Corona Especiales – but that´s just my 2 cents… I don´t think it is comparable with the Partagas Corona, as this is a much more complex experience, just another league… Greets, Speedy
  15. That´s easy for me: If I don´t have the time I reach for a Corona, basically the smallest Cigars I smoke. Otherwise I prefer the Lonsdale/Dalia vitola. Third choice (but not least) is Laguito No.1/Delicado/Lancero and the ones a bit shorter (SdC No.2, Laguito No.2). Thanks to Tabacuba, these vitolae are being crippled more and more… Greets, Speedy

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