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  1. H.Upmann Sir Winston Churchill Year:1998 Factory:JJose Marti (Amistad 407, Havana) - H. Upmann Construction: Well constructed Wrapper: Dark Oily and Perfect Draw: just the right amount of resistance Body: medium to full Taste: Spice Woody Sweet Generous Unlit: cedary and of very fine tobacco Reference:JM6VSU The appearance of the cigar caught my soul, dark oily wrapper with well developed crystalization. Needless to say i prepared myself for a smoke of a lifetime. It has been a year since i tasted the last one. Waiting in anticipation I cleaned the crystallization off the cigar
  2. » Hey El Presidente.. another Aussie cigar lover here... » » Just wondering where you get your cigars from. What/where have you found » to be the cheapest/easiest way to get them here? » » Cheers... » Patrick Hi Patrick, Just couldnt help but wonder are you the patrick ibrahim who loves his bimmer?
  3. » One of my other loves is Swiss watches. I happen to wear and retail ORIS » watches but that is beside the point. » » As discering cigar chomping cablleros.....what is on your wrist? Two of my favourite that i wear the most are Girard Perregaux WW.TC, Jaeger-Lecoultre reverso grande automatique.
  4. » Always remember two that dad told me: » » You must always remember there's two things you can't take back - a » spent arrow and the spoken word. » » Don't trust anyone who wears a robe » » » Any other pearls? We could use them in our book. Mine might sound abit over the board but here is how it goes Never fight unless you are prepared to kill:-( Never tell your misses you lied unless you are prepared for the nagging over a lifetime:-P
  5. Hi Prince. I dont really know what it is? Maybe mold, maybe plume? Dont really know the differences. Comes off quite easily with a wipe on the tissue.
  6. » It was the 6th festival during the "Floridita Churchill Dinner"and the » cigar double corona to celebrate the 85th birthday of Alejandro Robaina » with a commemorative band. » » They also gave out were a Romeo y Julieta Churchill with a band dedicated » to the illustrious politician, one of his granddaughters, Jenny who was » present at the event. Opps i guess i lied! Thank n2advture for the info. Something new i learn everyday.
  7. i didnt know i can repost myself with that edit button. Stupid me! Done Rob. Please ignore the email i sent you.
  8. I remembered reading something about it on the 2004 festival. It was the V habanos festival where they celebrated Don Alejandro Robaina's 85th birthday as well. Therefore the cigar was offered. » a mate in havana has just told me he has been smoking an "85 years » commemorative cigar (Churchill size) dedicated to Don Alejandro Robaina". » the hurricane killed further communication but trying to find out more. is » this familiar to anyone?
  9. Just like to know which normal production line cigar is available in the UK market but not available to the Asian and Australian market?
  10. Yeah Ken purchased a box of these a year ago tried 2 and the rest is in hibernation. Cannot remember much since it is a year ago all ai can remember was it has good burn and has chocolate milk, honey, sweet tobacco flavours.
  11. IMP62 MON62 both are still available better be quick Too bad LIS62 is not available haha
  12. Maverick, There are other alternatives in Australia. Try a Prince GT3000 there are great. Not only can you adjust the gas coming out of the jet you can regulate the air and butane mixture ratio as well, so the flame doesnt get too hot. I dont know where you can get them in Brisbane but if you are interested i can tell you where you can get them in sydney or melbourne. » Does anyone know whether these are readily available in Brisbane? » » Ross...
  13. Hi Guys, i am new and looking forward to learn more about cigars and good fun here.
  14. » Let me know your pick. Mine would have to be the Cohiba Siglo » 1.....powerhouse little bugger just pipping out the Trinidad Reyes. Hallo Rob joined the club today, interesting site you have going on. Strongest cigar i had was R&J Cazadores

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