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  1. » we'll see what happens come the playoffs. » » » » » May I add that Rob’s conduct on the forum of late has been appalling » whereas Ken continues to act with complete dignity at all times. Way to call it guys.
  2. Few openings. PM if intested. Do aussies play baseball?
  3. Prez--Check and make sure the settings are such that you can't manipulate the winners after the games. I could have sworn last week when I checked my picks after the games I could change the winners.
  4. Danny Greer.........Are you here? I need an email from you so I can get the info to you.
  5. » Good luck ! » » .....I have no idea what you are on about....but all the best Are you familiar with American Football? If not no big deal. Here it is in a nutshell. Every year before the start of football season we have twelve teams on average do a fantasy draft. You can pick any players as long as you have the positions covered. Imagine your type football. Soccer. Twelve guys pick a draft order and you go one pick at a time to put the best soccer team you can. You would need forwards, defenders, goalies and a few bench players for injuries. You track their stats weekly against the other teams in your league to see who has the best fantasy team.
  6. Opening this up to FOH forum members. Smitty is a regular on a few other boards. I know many of you are football fans and may be interested. Sorry for all the clandestine moves with getting the league password and such but in the past its not difficult getting twelve players but taking the first twelve has made the last few days before the draft interesting. So we are looking to have a solid twelve with buy ins accounted for before we scramble at the start of the year. You'll see this post on other boards because its open to everyone. Most of the threads will be the 2005 thread just bumped with the updated information. It's that time of year again. Smitty is hosting again on yahoo. Draft is set for Sat Aug 12 6:00pm EDT but we are thinking of making it 9pm. So keep 6 & 9 open.Five premiums to buy in. Send smokes to Bill with board affiliation and handle. Aslo include an email address so that the league ID and password can be sent to you. Believe it or not even after asking for the buy ins first I got hosed for a fiver last year. So no info until the buy ins are received. Like last year the prizes are for first (40 sticks) and second (20 sticks). League of twelve players. Again let me know if you sent in this thread and make sure handle, board and email addy are included with the mailing. Bill Schmidt 29456 Groesbeck Hwy Roseville MI 48066 Attn: CC FF Buy In
  7. I guess I shouldn't visit Australia. Anyone else see this movie? Said its based on actual events.
  8. » Just waiting on one more but regardless I will diclose the cigar tomorrow » :-D
  9. » Where is reviewer number 8? Hurry up and post you bastard. Oh its me:-P » I'll be back in a bit. Baseball is on.........:-D Here we go...... Tester: Jaxstraww Wrapper Color:Brown Construction: Fair Draw: Perfect Burn: Even Smoke: Medium on burn/Heavy on exhale Aroma: Faint Ash Color: Dark Gray Ash Structure: Solid Strength: Medium Comments: I’m a straightforward reviewer. Meaning I have never been able to pull out the nuances many seasoned reviewers can. I can however tell you in layman’s speak if it’s a good cigar or not. If it’s a pain in the ass to work with or a smoke that you can get lost in. Now on to the comments. There was a small hole at the cap on predraw. But after hearing of draw problems I was grateful that I was getting air from a small hole. I worked at a cigar shop and we would be able to smell the bundles of hand rolled to try and pull out aged cigars. The best way to describe is when you smell the foot of fifty cigars young’ens smell almost mossy while older cigars smell more earthy. This cigar was in between from what I could pick up. Not mossy but not that deep earthy tobacco smell. I’m hoping we have a late 04 to mid 05 cigar. I could be off from a mile but let’s hope not. Draw was perfect. Kept the cigar exposed at 65% in the cooler as soon as it arrived. Burn was razor sharp and like the review above it started to fall apart towards the final two inches. Ash held very tight at over an inch and maybe even more if I allowed it. I picked up a very woody taste to the cigar. For the size I expected to need a nap afterwards but did not. Not a mild cigar by any stretch but more on the medium to full in terms of bodiness. I can’t stress enough that I had no draw problems at all. I would ask the others that had draw problems how much time they let it rest and at what RH. I suspect many use the 70% rule. I would say if you purchase this cigar after we are told what it is that you keep it on the drier side. Final Rating: 6.8 out of 10 (Would have been higher if it had held together at the end.) Guess: San Cristobol El Morro Rob & Lisa thank you for letting a rookie into the action. Much appreciated.
  10. Where is reviewer number 8? Hurry up and post you bastard. Oh its me:-P I'll be back in a bit. Baseball is on.........:-D
  11. http://www.herfnetwork.com/pictures/Philly_Herf.pdf Great time last night!!!!!
  12. » Shane, » » I'll let Rob make the decision about this thread. While I understand the » thought behind your endeavor, I have been to many "Sit-Down", LOL, I never » could use the word herf, did way too much of that in college LOL, but » besides getting out and meeting fellow cigar smokers, one of the things » that I have always enjoyed is meeting and smoking with other people that I » talk with and share information with on the cigar boards that I visit. I » would much rather meet up with people that I have known on line vs meeting » people that I have had no familiarity with before going. I see it as a way » to build comradeship with those that I already have a bond with. Besides » smoking of cigars. Many of us gather on several cigar boards, but if an » event is planned, I view the communication and build up on the different » boards as a way to build the excitement and grow the event. Builds the » board and helps the members on the board get to know who all from the » board is going. Taking the synergy away from the cigar board into a » centralized board decreases the goals and aims of having the event spoken » about on the separate forums in my opinion. » » Hey, thats just my $0.02 worth, I hope your project works for you, but » I'll be talking on boards about events that I am going to and look forward » to meeting the guys I talk to on a daily basis. » » Tampa There is a large group that fits what you’re saying about hitting some boards and jumping to an event. The problem is that here may be that one or two members that keeps many other members away. Because someone might not visit a board they may miss an event literally going on down the street. There is something to be said about meeting with guys talked to online but there is a ton of members not as chatty and not hitting all the boards that would be just as great to meet. The site isn't designed to replace the conceptualizing of a Herf but a way to broadcast it. If its meant to be a private small event than no one has to update HN and it can be left boards specific. Many of the herfs nowadays have a benefit theme to them. The more people attend the better the donation. The site is also set up for manufacturers to list their tastings. So it’s not only for “herf” information but planned promotional events. Thanks for all the feedback. Now go enjoy a cigar, unless you’re in the States its still a little early. Shane
  13. 2 to 4 right now. Picks up in the summer months on the weekends especially.
  14. Prez if this is out of context please remove but I think its more of a public service announcement. It was brought up the other day about guys getting kicked off other boards. We know how cliquey boards can be. We also know how many are out there and just not enough time to cover them all. One of the greatest outcomes of boards are the Herfs/get togethers/sit downs. Problem is because of board politics there is no real central area to gather event infomration. I mean some boards have something but at the same time they are selling something. I put together www.herfnetwork.com to overcome that. No selling or promotion just an areas to get event information. Site is still in its infancy but I'm getting there. Eventually I would like to get an International page going and a better search function by zip code. So instead of hitting boards and banging it down throats I'm hoping for more word of mouth. This site has allot of names from many of the boards and thats why I'm posting here. Everyone seems to have a level head about the "culture" of cigar smoking. To me thats getting our asses from in front of our computers and meeting each other for genuine conversation. Also with the smoking laws now its harder and harder just to go out and enjoy a cigar. IMO the planned events are the way of the future. Anyway enough rant. I love you all:-P Rob/Lisa yank it if its in poor taste. Shane

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