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  1. It’s the first cigar of a special full box that I struggle to get past. After that the box is fair game. I’ve got a full box of TEB 08 Bolivar robustos that I look at occasionally, but can’t bear the thought of the box not being full. —-sam
  2. I saw the show in Minneapolis a few months ago. I too thought it was great. ——sam
  3. sam

    Made it to Nice

    Looks good. Have fun. —-sam
  4. Thanks for the photos and report. Looks like it was a fun and successful trip. --- sam
  5. Saturday afternoons, on the boat (even in November) or watching golf. --- sam
  6. Mike and Dana, I'll be looking for pictures of the trip. --- sam
  7. sam

    Future Smoker?

    Congratulations Mike. You have good reason to be proud. ---sam
  8. sam

    Happy Birthday Mike!

    All the best on the big day Mike! I hope it was a great one. ----sam
  9. This was my first ever correct guess through three blind tasting events. I actually thought this was an easy one. I must have received a good specimen. ---- sam
  10. I couldn't even make a guess. I'm not aware of any current production cigar of that size (mine was 48 x 155). Good luck to those of you that are more astute than me. ----sam
  11. sam

    Anyone into boating?

    Me on my 26' Skiffcraft, and with Madandana and Drguano last fall on Lake Minnetonka. This boat is now sold, and I'm making arrangements to purchase a 28' Chaparral. ---- sam
  12. Thanks for the report Mike. Happy to hear that it was a successful trip. ---- sam
  13. I'm jealous, but will help hold down the fort here in MN. Have a great time. ----sam
  14. The Minnesota contingent of Madandana, sam and Drguano spent last Saturday afternoon cruising Lake Minnetonka while smoking some great cigars, drinking Havana Mules and talking all things Havana. Big fun. We're looking forward to the trip and will be joined by even more Minnesotans. ----sam
  15. sam

    Ryder Cup 2016

    The Ryder Cup was a fabulous event. The golf, weather and crowd were terrific. And cigar smoking was allowed! I got one in on both Friday and Sunday. --- sam

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