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  1. Enjoying a petit edmundo, pimms and the English summer on holidays whilst escaping the Canberra winter....
  2. I have to agree! i alternate a black and brown pair during the work week! The classic styling means they look just as good with a dinner suit as they do with pair of jeans.
  3. WITB Taylormade R11 driver Taylormade burner 2.0, 3 wood Titleist 19 degree rescue Taylormade 22 degree rescue Mizuno JPX 800 irons (milestone birthday this year so will be looking with interest on the Mizuno releases later this year- looking to move to forged!) Mizuno wedges Ping karsten b60 putter Have been playing the taylormade tour preferred ball which I really like as it seems to stand up well
  4. I love to golf as well. Basically hacked around during my university years and always thought a round was good excuse for a walk! Started getting properly interested about 6 years ago, playing a regular social round of nine holes. From there it was an easy jump to become a member and play in the weekly competition. I love the challenge and play with a regular group, so it's a good crack. Generally light up a PLPC or similar at the turn after the morning tea ritual! As my mate (off 36, and never moved) says ' golf is a methaphor for life.... You just gotta swing the club and let it do the talking!'
  5. PLPC will always have a place in my rotation. In fact, have one in the golf bag this morning to spark up on the back nine to bring me home. Regardless of how I'm playing, the cigar helps make the round enjoyable!!
  6. Ha.....I will be telling this one at next Sunday's round of golf. Me thinks the boys will like this one!
  7. Hmmm.... 9805 is my guess arrived at by quite a lot of squinting, and some thinking...
  8. Most Sunday's I will light a PLPC on the 11th tee and enjoy for the rest of the competition round. For me I get to do two things I really enjoy at once. Saying that if I'm not feeling it, then cigar stays in the bag.... Long weekend for me, so have comp rounds on Sunda and Monday..... Might mix up the cigar choice for s change
  9. I love finding 'treasure' as well....nice job..... If your anything like me you'll be going back looking for more!
  10. I checked the information on the website and it states that the information above about mobile phone numbers going public is incorrect and part of a viral email......
  11. Mus Very generous gesture and I too will be searching for my oldest stick to contribute to the cause. David
  12. My recollection (moved from the UK back to Australia over ten years ago with the contents of a small house) was that the International Packing firm had to detail every item on the container's manifest........however, if it's not on the list then it wasn't in the container. At that time I had a desktop humidor with a 20+ cigars which was packed without listing the contents i.e wooden box. A few bottles of important wine were packed and not listed......Would be advantageous to get friendly with the person detailing the manifest! Like mentioned previously....doubtful they will empty a container contents on the off chance of finding cigars......

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