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  1. No. No issues for ~15 years now,knock on wood.
  2. Use to be PLPC. Now I would say BPC. Although I also love Siglo IIs
  3. Always have been a Mets fan. Hard sometimes with Yankees as neighbors.
  4. I am very jealous. Enjoy! This thread pushed me over the edge, so I went ahead and order a box.
  5. No disrespect meant, but for the life of me I don't understand why that would be a secret (Of course there are more things I don't understand than I do understand). That said, if you fimd that you can share, I would be very interested. If not, no worries. Thanks.
  6. Loved when he played for RU. I hope he gets his act together.
  7. Off the topic, but any word on when his new book version is coming out?
  8. It might be a sad day once you reach your 25th anni and all the cigars are gone. Get at least another box, then you're good until you're an old man. Always thought the concept was cool.
  9. I'm guessing your first child? Either way, congrats! There is no other experience like seeing your child being born.
  10. I really have no idea. I thought that LE did not have the year, but ??? Question only. It looks like the letters in "Habana" run into each other. Shouldn't they be separted? Or is it just variability from Cuba? Regardless, I hope it smokes well.
  11. Tried them about a year or so ago. Don't like the feel, BUT enjoyed the flavor very much. So much so, I bought another box. Spicy, peppery for me.
  12. PLPC, BPC, Siglo II and Monte 4 are among my favorites. Love the size and the list, reminds me of some I should still try. Also the Dip 4s, should get a box before they're all gone.
  13. I don't have the experience and knowledge that many others have, but I do recall a box of RASCC that weren't that good. I kept wondering why so many rave about them. Then after some time, they turned into nice smokes. Was it a sick period? Maybe so. I have also felt some of my Bolivars went from very good to average and then very good again. Same with some PLPCs. I have not experience this with the Cohibas I've had, but mostly smaller RGs - Siglo II, Siglo II, Lanceros.

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