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  1. Curious what the “cost” is to print something like this. Are material cost cheap and what about the printer?
  2. messa

    FOH Mould Study

    Hypothesis are falsifiable.
  3. messa

    FOH Mould Study

    Thanks Rob. As you say the sample size is too small to provide statistical significance, but I can't find any other references online to any real investigation into the existence of plume on cigars - so that means you are now the leading authority ! Look forward to further tests.
  4. messa

    Cuban Maduros

    Just tried it and I agree. cold draw was dried fruit. had some pepper and a bit of oak, but didn't get the sweetness I was hoping for. An easy smoke - nothing overpowering. Definitely prefer the Cohiba maduros.
  5. I like the earthy flavor profile of Bolivar and the Salomones vitola. Just purchased a box. Will post a review when the arrive and settle
  6. messa

    Cuban Maduros

    Love the Genios and Secretos. Worth the price to me. I have a box of Partagas resting and hoping to have a similar experience. I agree with the others: Buy some singles/sampler and try.
  7. messa

    HDM Elegantes. First Look

    Missed purchasing these elsewhere. Will be happy to try and grab a box when you put them up Prez.
  8. messa

    Montecristo Linea 1935

    Where can I submit my recommended pricing schedule?
  9. messa

    Montecristo Linea 1935

    Any idea on pricing yet, or too early? I might buy a box if they are coming in around the same price as the Cohiba Pyramids.
  10. Tried only the 52s and 56s when they came out. I rank their enjoyment in descending gauge order. Have heard by many that the 54s are the best of the lot so am looking forward to trying them.
  11. Opening 3rd: bitter notes. No spice. Wood. Easy Draw. Good burn. Tastes young. Some floral notes. Was ready to put it down half-way through.
  12. I prefer larger ring gauge cigars (46-56 rg) as they burn slower and cooler.
  13. messa


    Palio all the way

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