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  1. the deluge of plugged Boli CJ's in 2014-2015 permanently soured me + they'd been my staple smoke for years
  2. i only have one left and they were not good the first 2-3 years.... what do they taste like now?
  3. a Connie A that was like a lead pipe + 20 mins of gouging and tunneling it with a PerfecDraw didn't help one bit
  4. Romeo Petit Royale - SMA June 18 tasted like something I'd happily spend $15 on
  5. there was this amazing period around this time - at least the stuff i was smoking my mistake = thinking things were always gonna be this way and not stocking up :(
  6. thinking that it would last forever i did not go in hard on them
  7. whatever it was that they did ca. 2006-08 so you could smoke stuff less than a year old, and even ROTT instead of aging for 2-3 years... implication: if you found something good, you knew right away and could confidently pack the cooler with it
  8. one of my favorite memories of spain - all the viejos walking about town, all exactly the same: walking slowly, slightly tilted forward, looking down, hands behind back, lit/unlit puro in mouth
  9. "darker, deeper, earthier, with more dark chocolate" my favorite pyramide at the moment-!
  10. no - but the person who gave it to me claimed it was amazing
  11. have a 99 monte EL robusto that i have been saving in case something good happens in my life.... prolly gonna be buried with it if my life keeps going this way 🙃
  12. now this https://www.havanainsider.com/best-cuban-cigars-2018/ has got me wondering about those HdM Rio Secos

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