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  1. sometimes darker wrappers need more aging sometimes really light wrappers taste like poison let's see.... what else do i know after 18 yrs of smoking one habano a day? not much more
  2. the 2019-2021 stock (esp. Monte #2) has been so good that I've thrown most of the tried and true rules out the window If something is smoking good I smoke them all (like a drunken sailor)... maybe leaving 1-2 that i tuck away in deep storage at the bottom of the cooler everything in moderation, including moderation
  3. I concur with FatPete: dark wrappers on the Monte 2 require more aging
  4. got 15 or so 2016 Punch Punch wasting space in one of my coolers - every time i see them i go 😝
  5. just saw this one up on BR: https://www.bondroberts.com/product/view/5408/Romeo y Julieta Robustos and it reminded of a happy incident ca. 2003-2005: a friend who went to school in Germany came back with 10-12 of these, so we had a bunch of fellows over my place to celebrate his return I lit mine well ahead of everyone else (greedy guy) and was comatose before I reached the halfway mark The 8 or so other guys all lit theirs and were laughing at me curled in the fetal position on the floor, moaning about 30 mins later I come out my coma & see they're all sprawled on the floor in my living room, comatose & moaning, so I collect all their smokes & while they were out I smoked prolly half of them! i wonder how strong they are now? at the time they were one of the best tasting smokes I had ever had
  6. whoever tipped me off on the 2020 monte #2's ... THANK YOU
  7. I think the monte C has the dubious distinction of being the first bad EL ... i had just started smoking habanos and bought 3-4 boxes of EL releases from 2003-04 and I got a box of these with high hopes 😒 btw - i looked & couldn't find Ravi's BR listing - what did it sell for>?
  8. i wish they would do a line expansion on the RyJ Petit Royales Wide Petit Royale. Short Petit Royale, the Tres Petit Royale 🤔
  9. my TOS Dec 2015 box has become amazing this year... +++what a unique brew of flavors
  10. the amazing quality of 2019-2020 stock might complicate this line of thought
  11. RAT = La Corona factory = one of the biggest btw - I just got a RAT box of monte #2's that are one of the best boxes I've seen in awhile
  12. an Upmann #2 BRE Oct 18, which i would place in the "super mas elegante" category
  13. pretty commonly 19-20 stock is blowing away stuff from 2012-2017
  14. el laguito D4's (Oct 19) are the best D4's I've had in ages
  15. mine just arrived today & "wowowowowo" was the response here's the details if interested: 12 Cigar 2020 Christmas Sampler Montecristo Supremos 2019 Edicion Limitada Montesco GEM MAR 20 Pure Monte goodness delivering cocoa and cream in spades. There was barely a rough edge in the near 2 hours we took to smoke them. Quai D’Orsay Sensadores Edicion Limitada 2019 Grand Corona TUA MAR 20 Quai D’Orsay is a marque on the rise with both the 50 and 54 being runaway hits. They have another home run with the Senadores Cohiba Siglo VI Canonazo MOL MAY 20 Legend. Pancake, treacle, milk coffee, citrus zest. H. Upmann Propios Edicion Limitada 2018 Corona Extra BRE ABR 20 Love this cigar. Tastes very much like a mix between the H. Upmann 48 LE and very good Mag 46. Shortbread and espresso driven. Medium bodied, maybe a touch over. Trinidad Esmeralda Robusto (54x145) BSM ABR 20 * Pure Trini Goodness with sponge cake, cream and a touch of coffee liquor. Quai d’Orsay No 54 Edmundo Grueso TOU DIC 19 Mezzo coffee with a beautiful crema. Stunning QD. Partagas Maduro Number 1 Maduro Number 1 TUE ABR 20 * Tailormade for Christmas. They are smoking brilliantly. Cocoa, cooking chocolate, toasted tobacco, lightly burnt cookies, peanut butter Montecristo Number 2 Piramide RAT JUN 20 2020 Monte 2 are off the charts good. 94/5 rating at the recent video review. Palate coating cocoa, coffee, and cream. Medium bodied. They are at the top of their game. Bolivar Belicoso Finos Belicoso LTO JUN 20 They have been great all year. They made last years list and if anything, they have only got better. Creamy stout goodness with a touch of liquorice, leather, coffee biscuit. Big on flavour and they can be enjoyed young … Medium full and tasty as hell. Romeo y Julieta Churchill Churchill GEL FEB 20 They have maintained the rage. A beautiful lady that you will enjoy immensely. Spiced cherries, unsweetened cream with some sweet spices of nutmeg lilting in and out. Cohiba Robusto Robusto SOV DIC 19 The aroma at cold is a perfume of tobacco, citrus and sweet spice. Sheen, aroma at cold, construction. Coffee, cream, orange peel, honey, sweet spices, cake Partagas Lusitania Double Corona EBO JUN 20 They have been absolutely brilliant this past 6 weeks. …..paprika spiced sweet cream, coffee cake, toasted tobacco, touch of honey.

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