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  1. Smoked the bolivar, and guess what? It was plugged!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Thanks fellas! I will be ending my evening with the Bolivar after a great steak frites and a few JW Blues. You're only young (or is it old?) once, right?
  3. hey mike, good to see you around too. we'll get a game going one night soon.
  4. I hope we sign him again for 2010. By the way, I heard Rob stopped drinking. Is it true?
  5. What's up Rob! I was super, duper busy working this fall, add a 3rd dog to my house, a move, and the other things that go along with life and I neglected my online cigar career. Life is good! I actually just woke up from my game 6 hangover. What a series, right? I love how the "yankees are the champs" is the only true statement out of that list of "never gonna happens".
  6. what did i miss? i see ken is president of cuba. holy cow. are any of my old poker sharks still around? lets get a game together!
  7. GOP Sep 08? Let's not get into politics talk here guys......
  8. For those who just don't want to fork out the dough for an entire cigar... We could sell shares of the cigar. Someone smokes the first third, another the 2nd, etc.
  9. Did anyone see that the writer of the article is an intern? Good for her. I myself would love to see Cuba. It's certainly something I hope to do before the embargo ends.
  10. im thinking of snatching one of the psp boxes...... good idea?
  11. Having been a victim of fraud in college, I can sniff out a scam from here to the moon. And this smells like ****.
  12. rob, this swine flu has really sparked a creative side that i think we are all enjoying. hahahaha

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