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  1. Hi gents. Just want to know how you guys feel about cigar accessories and if they are as valued to everyone else as they are to me. Cheers, Martin
  2. I also agree with hutch on the big un's. But the racoons were a terror. The live traps we had you could roll it upside down and the trap door would open and they could get away, skunks can create a stink dead or alive so with a 8 foot 2x4 your could roll the cage. Always carried a Mark I ruger as well to be prepared. I said humane just to be a bit "politically correct" with the rats, instead of saying "I shot the fXXking thing"
  3. When I was younger I grew up on a farm and we live trapped varmints and vermon and what I used to do was relocate certian animals so it was humane but rats do spread disease so humane was a .22 mice would sometimes go for a swim in the pond where the bass and catfish would swallow them up
  4. I do enjoy goign to the states and buy up some sticks because the taxes are so low, I have smoked a total of two 6o ring cigars and I will smoke no more. I don't like the format ( something that size don't belong in my mouth). And it kind of seems to me that the flavors get mixed up so you can't figure out what your smoking. 56 is exceeding my comfort zone. Figurado shapes like Belicosos do come in a 52 but its tapered so you don't notice. I can go to a 54 but over that I don't care for. 40 -50 my favs.
  5. They are tempting. I like to wait a bit after I buy my sticks, but tonight one will be sacrificed.
  6. the box was unopened and it has the Vrijdag sticker. The word about it was that a humidor buyer picked them up when he was there. I have a good feeling about it so I guess i need to smoke'm .Thanks
  7. Hello Gents, First off I'd like to say that I haven't been to the fourm in almost 6 months but It's good to be back. I came across something today that I just could not let pass. A three count box of serie E #2 +1 and 1 Serie d#5. I always buy from LCDH and every now and then NC some a few other stops. In one of my other stops they put these aside for me and I just had to buy them. But I have never seen these before and I think they're new for 2011but I can't find anything about them. I don't know if they're fake (I don't think so ) they came in a gift bag from LCDH. Any Info is much appreci
  8. The only reason I I went back for the laptop because I was working on it all night and went to sleep a 5 a.m. thinking about work. Insurance doesn't want to cover cigars. Thank hevean all my family photos are on the computer. Passports in a safe deposit box. The weather here in Quito is about 65- 70 all year round. And the funny thing about all of it after the fact that one was hurt and now we're having serious power surges. When the fire department showed up one of the firemen ran up to my wife and said "excuse me mam, Where is the fire". With everyone standing outside and smoke billowing f
  9. Hey gents. I was forced in to think about this question after it happened Thursday morning. I have a dead line on a massive project due. we're designing an apartment building and my company was gracious enough to install Cad on my laptop. Worked most of the night on wednesday untill the wee hours on thursday. I live in an apartment building myself that has 18 units of an eight story building. after sleeping less than two hours my wife wakes me up and says the fire alarm is going off. So got the kids and my oldest's stuffed airplane and down a smoked filled set of stairs to find all of the apar
  10. I just bought a box from LCDH with the funky bands and they smoke great. But a little young still ...09.
  11. Rest in peace Bill and my condolences to his friends and family on his passing.
  12. I've smoked two of these . the first one was about a month after the release at the festival del habano XII and I liked it. The most impressive thing about it was the ash, it held on right up untill the band, from what I remember the flavor was good too. I didn't find it bland. The second one I don't remember much because I had an argument with my father in-law while smoking and because of the circumstance I don't think it was very enjoyable. I still have the original wide churchill en tubo from the festival del habano but I don't think I'll smoke that one right away.

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