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    God, Bikes, Cars, Family (second to the #1, God) and now my new journey to the perfect cigar! Oyeah, real people, not fake or full of it types.

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  1. Hey brother! Have you had a chance to get started on your 'man cave', yet???

  2. Congrats to all, enjoy your smokes and for the #1 winner enjoy you trip and may it be a safe and awesome time.
  3. These look very nice and tasty and the box is awesome also due to the fact I like black. Prez, will this be a first come first serve?
  4. Good to hear you are better and was not something worse.
  5. Thanks Pres for the post after today needed a good laugh!!!! lmao To President Ken, I salute you Sir!
  6. I fell your pain at the dinner table Pres...I to stick my foot in my mouth way to many times during conversations with the boy who is 15 & 2/3rds when the wife is around. I would let him at 18, I figure if he is old enough to go to war and die for his country then he is old enough to have a cigar but with me and with him paying for them....LOL My son knows me and his moms past all to well, I do not worry about the cigarrets and I do detour him from it but we have to watch our conversations with his mom around and between us and the fence post here on FOH, I have already let him taste one....don't tell his mother though or I will not be able to purchase cigars for a while due to the fact of paying for my new home that I would be moving to.....lol One last thing, if it is not me teaching or how do I say, "corrupting him" as the wife would say it, it is his grandfather doing it.....
  7. Class 12 How to be the Ideal Shopping Companion Relaxation Exercises, Meditation and Breathing Techniques. Meets 4 weeks, Tuesday and Thursday for 2 hours beginning at 7:00 PM I need to sign up for this class and I did not even have to consult my wife!!! LOL
  8. kanuna

    Goose Hunt

    Nice birds, congrats on the take.
  9. still new and exploring but at a $4 a day budget, Bolivar PC
  10. Just one comment on the article that I see that needs a little tweaked and that is on the Genesis box mentioned and that is creation would have been about 8 thousand + years ago and as stated in article in six days, was not there at the time due to scheduling conflicts (have to laugh when possible) and I only say this due to the fact of being one of the minority that he is referencing (no offence taken from it). Not knocking the article which is very entertaining once I was able to get around a few of the words for reason known (should had furthered my education...LOL). All an all the article is quite entertaining with interesting perspectives between restaurants and body dis-functions that are both at many times quite the pain in the ass! Great post Ken and I do have to agree about being best at things when not happy, kind of ironic in away. Looks like his reviews would go good with a cup of coffee in the morning.
  11. One question, do you have a lock on the cave door to keep everyone out while you are in it??? LOL (just had to ask)

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