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  1. Who needs high tech mammograms when the good 'ol fashion way is a lot funner....
  2. Rock on Carlos....... Quick question, do you ever target those butterfly peacock bass in and around the canals? Looks like they would be a hoot...
  3. Was that the nice new BBQ I saw in the pics from the new HQ deck party?
  4. Yep should of kept the wahoo, they make for some good fish tacos....
  5. That might work sweetie. But using Ken as your Lawyer might result in jail time......
  6. That was planned as they were trolling for sharks... Well Ken, where are the Kiwi fishing pics from this year?
  7. Beautiful yacht your amigo has there Rob, Seeing Ken in his pink "T" not so.
  8. Nice sail dude! Even better is the nice bull......
  9. CK, they are about 5 yrs now. I've smoked some of 2011 and they are smoking great....

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