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  1. 1998 Punch Monarcas 2005 Hoyo de Monterrey Churchills 2013 Cohiba Esplendidos 2014 Romeo y Julieta Churchills El Laguito Factory
  2. and giving non existent H.Upmann SW - wow, since those do not exist since 2002 - watch out - Rob will delete this as it always happens....
  3. Monsdales? Since Enrique Mons passing, are there any? Who is controlling the tobacco and blend? dream on? Or Is Enrique Mons rolling from heaven these days?
  4. First things first? Talismans first...??? Then we do Sancho Panza
  5. best: Esplendido worst: Cohiba Robusto - what a waste of $$$ from El Laguito - avoid as a plague
  6. Cohiba Esplendidos El Rey del Mundo Grandes de España and Tainos Hoyo de Monterrey Churchills La Gloria Cubana Médaille d’Or no. 1, no.2 , no. 3 and Tainos Montecristo Double Edmundo (Upmann factory 2013) Por Larrañaga Lonsdales and Magnificos Punch Monarcas Quai d’Orsay Grand Coronas, Panetelas and Imperiales Sancho Panza Coronas Gigantes and Sanchos Trinidad Robusto Extra
  7. sometimes one has to say "YES" to drugs and have some real ones - 2013 Heroin
  8. FWIW; never had any "sick period" with any El Laguito cigars from 2013, nor 2013 Upmann factory production, nor 2013 production from La Corona factory, etc.. I did hear that the "sick period" happens to sub par cigars from subpar harvests/vintages, though
  9. current production?? is the brand still in production or just cigar sizes with bands??

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