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  1. Cuban cigars should be aged on the dry side RH wise, and smoked nothing more than 65% RH. Take the cigar outside the humidor for 2-3 hours before smoking, if you can be that organised. I rarely, I mean rarely have plugged Cuban cigars. I have more problems QC with Non Cuban cigars. Been smoking Havanas for 25+ years. Keith.
  2. I bought a the 155th Partagas Hunidor back in 1999 at the Partagas Shop. $500 USD ? I sold it sadly, for a great profit 5 years later. These were phenomenal cigars back then, smoked all my singles. Nice to hear they are still great. Keith.
  3. Been flying professionally for 30 years... Currently 777s for the last 14 years... Keith.
  4. Smoked 2 boxes, long gone. They were great cigars. Keith.
  5. Corbyn was unelectable, complete discredited idiot. Labours worst election result in nearly 100 years. Give Boris a chance. Keith.
  6. Yes that was newsgroup Alt.smokers.cigars I was there back in the day, was the wild west of the internet. Occasional flame wars, which were hilarious. The term "Herf" was coined around 1996. See link below. Steve Saka had very early on, seems to be down now.The Cuban Cigar codes once cracked were first published on there. Keith.
  7. La Casa del Habanos in Brussels, nice place run by Michael Schayer. His business partner Ali runs one, and he the others. Good prices. I go to the Rue Faider shop, nice lounge and great selection of spirits well. Keith
  8. I wonder when the second edition, which sooo very nearly came out, in its Bamboo case will be launched. Some of us paid deposits, and 100%+ got the money back when the launch was postponed. Full credit to MRN. Luckily my copy of the original has the co author Adriano's signature, if you got really lucky you and a few were, MRN's signature. Keith.
  9. Was gifted one, given at the launch. Nice enough cigar, but the price is bonkers. Keith.
  10. Yes the selection is good. The La Casa JBR is shutting for good late September, with the prices in Dubai subject to 100% tax, they aren't making any money, on the contrary. However, there maybe a solution in the pipeline keep you posted. Keith.
  11. Beirut Airport certainly, downtown no. Prices bad downtown. Keith.
  12. Dubai LcDH lounge is nice at JBR. Prices suck big ones. Buy when you leave Dubai at the airport LcDH, prices almost half, good quality. Keith.

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