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  1. From another So. Cal native, welcome bigchunks! Post your question up in the watering hole section. You'll get a better response there.
  2. Sorry I missed this post, but I was in the closet, under a blanket, with the lights off, having a smoke...
  3. Oh the horror! Our city officals are such bafoons. I wish for a day these boneheads were more interested in fighting real crime that truly affects our communities, instead of writing revenue generating tickets, and busting people for frivolous crimes. What a waste of community resources... Idiots
  4. I'm in the 1% or less category. I will usually end up smoking at least one NC every 2 or 3 months. This is simply because I'm at the local B&M and feel obligated so I will try something new. I do have a stash of about 200+ NC's that have been sitting in a humidor for years. I broke out a Oliva series V that was a few years old, and I must say it was a plesant change.
  5. Glad you made it through Rob. Godspeed to you and all the people in Australia affected by the flooding.
  6. Did the water make it into his house? God I hope not, wish him the best for us.
  7. A humidor is just an artifically created environment. To create your own get an airtight container and a sponge from the local store. So tupperware will work just fine, as will a cheap sponge from the market. If you want to store more than just a handful, you can use an ice chest cooler, and of course a larger sponge(s). If you want to pay more money or get into something a bit more permanemt, check out the humdior section on the forum. Best of luck
  8. There are 2 books that I would suggest. The first is called Cry to Heaven by Anne Rice. The second is actually a novella from Herman Melville, called bartleby the scrivener. In the 20 years since I first read these stories, I have never been able to forget them. They are a bit odd, and I think that is what I like about them most.
  9. Damn Brutus! Must be some strange strain of the Da Kine Hang in there, it can only get better. And thanks to both of you for well wishes.
  10. Cool thread Ozcuban. I hope your medical problems have improved. Been a very interesting December for me. Lot's of change for the better. Hopefully things continue to improve. I spent a very nice and quiet xmas and new years with my wife and kids. I did not buy any cigars in December, or Novemever for that matter, as I am stocked up with way to many as it is. By my calculations, I have enough cigars to last me until 2015 sitting in my humidors. I will be going in for surgery tomorrow, if I live I won't be able to smoke for a few weeks anyway, so it is time for me to just relax and heal.
  11. Be asleep before midnight, I'm old I did break out a siglo VI for the festivities today, and am currently enjoying a Juan Lopez PC...Both excellent smokes for the day.
  12. Happy New Year to all my FOH friends, and enemies I hope 2011 finds you happy, joyous, and free.

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