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  1. Ok i am super jealous 2020 code. Seems those are rarer then hens teeth.
  2. I am with you Montecristo is also my favorite brand. I like 1935 line. Pricey but tasty. The EL was a prize from FOH so i only have smoked the one but it was good. I am not a big EL/RE guy anymore. There was a time when I tried to smoke every new cigar that can out. Now i stick to brands i know i like.
  3. Opened another box of BUM ABR 15 earlier a Custom
  4. Willie and I , working on her smoking buddy duties. TLU FEB 20 Trini
  5. It was a good cigar but I think most of AF higher end stuff is good. I think if I see it again I would buy one or 2 singles. I wouldn’t chase a box at the prices B&M are selling singles for. And I am totally with you on the Mil Dais great stick.
  6. pretty packaging. I don’t usually go for RE but you only live once.

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