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  1. Superiores all day. However...Being an RA whore I'm going deep on the clubs as I truly think they will be marvelous smokes in 3-5 years when they settle and meld together a bit more. They are just all over the place right now...Mongrels. I did just place some sups in a mag 46 cab for an aging experiment. Thinking about doing that with the clubs too. Just to see.
  2. Yup to both! These are my two current favs. I find them to be more complex than the Z rums for about the ssme price on both. Plus the El d 12 is one of the only true 12 year rums not a solera. Their 15 is good too but I prefer the 12.
  3. Well for me...I prefer most RA with age. They seem to only get better but since 2012ish they have been rocking quite well fresh too. That being said, I can't keep my grubby paws off them long enough to age. Oldest RA box I have is around 06-08 I think. I finally have enough RASCC and RASS that I will get some aging now, but its a go to brand for me so I'm always buying more RA to stock up.
  4. Smoked an MUR 12 last night...coming around very nicely. Nice review, glad to hear the 15s are still rocking it. Love it when RA stuff is ON!
  5. Patience. Just takes time to find the hookups or meet the right people. But I will say Regular production is the way to go. Don't chase too many ER or EL until you have a solid foundation of regular sticks to work with. More bang for your buck!
  6. Exactly what Dave said! Feel free to come visit anytime and if I get a chance to make it your way, I will definitely look you up. Was great to meet you!
  7. Honestly, they don't ever pressure me to buy a stogie there. So I would say save the coin and just smoke what you bring! I'm a cheap date there too a lot.
  8. LMAO these posts crack me up! As far as meeting up, Delaney's or Brown palace are your best bets! We meet at one of those every month for our monthly herfs. I will do my best to make it Feb 2nd, but that will be tough. Best bet for me, would be thurs the 4th if you can make it down, I will be there!! Let me know. I drive through downtown on the way home. Oh and the food at Delaney's isn't bad at all, and killer beer selection. The track bettors aren't bad. Just a few random people usually. Never seen it crazy busy, but it does happen occasionally. Churchills at the Brown palace is a nice place to hang out. Upscale with great food and decent drink selections, but definitely BYOC. They sell cigars there for moon money.
  9. Honestly I don't like fresh VR. I know a lot of guys enjoy them, but for me I prefer a min 5+ years on them. As was stated above the 10-15 year old Familiar and Classicos are just brilliant and I hardly ever have draw problems with them. Every time I smoke a fresh VR I just cringe at what it can become the same as I do when smoking fresh QdO, LGC, or ERDM.
  10. Well I really had no clue what it was...all I know is it was terrible...awful...and I considered pitching it halfway. I've had 14 BRCs too and they were killer...but once again I had the dud from the box. Thats 0/2 on cigars this challenge as both sucked bad!
  11. Word from the LCDHs is that they will indeed be 13 euro per stick or 325 per box. But I agree that could be low...we will know soon enough.
  12. Rumors are end of march and definitely not before then! But we shall see.
  13. Idk about the shape yet as they are literally just getting released any day now. But the head appears to have a taper, and the band says "short perfectos" on the top of the green and white throwback band.
  14. Ha I have tried exactly ONE of them lmao. The boli lib and it rocked! I have 4 of the others in my case to try. A gifted Connie A, gifted Monte petit #2, and two of the vegueros, but I just haven't smoked em yet. Guess I just don't chase the new cigars as much as others, plus the price on some of them is ludicris. I mean they want moon money for the super coronas and are pretty high on the picadores too. Have to wait till the better priced vendors get the picsadores in stock to try them.
  15. Heck yeah....I'm in. Came in second last time, this time I'm gonna win it! Any day works for me.
  16. Oh hell no lol...idk if I could pick just one. There are some that are my favorites, but in general I smoke it all as long as its under 52 RG. Once in a blue moon I'll smoke a 54 RG but very rarely. Its rare that I even smoke that same marca in any given week unless I'm really craving something.
  17. Holy crap...only 2 and I love most of them. If I had to pick two, I'd go RASCC and Huhc. Next would've been in order shorts, Monte 5, perla, el p, Reyes, sig 1, then the boli cj. The only two of these I don't keep stocked in the humi are the sig 1s or the boli cjs. I've been tossing around the idea of grabbing the sig 1s, but the cj hasn't been one I've ever really cared for.
  18. You don't know how HAPPY I am to see those!! 14 sups means they aren't chopped yet! One more year to stock up on em at least lol!! Excellent pick up!
  19. I sure as hell would if I had any!! But I live in Colorado! As for my cigars, nope I pretend I don't own any and just pray nothing ever happens besides me setting fire to by one.
  20. Honestly I don't like many bolis ROTT. I haven't dug too deep into lately though, so take that with a grain of salt. But I have a cab of 11 PCs that I don't even wanna touch yet. I'm gonna try and 07 gold medal and see how they are, but I they weren't quite there the last time I had one.
  21. I honestly wouldn't think so. Most money isn't valuable outside of face value unless its higher grade, meaning nearly perfect for newer coins and bills and lower grades for rare stuff that wasn't minted in abundance. If you wanted, you can always post some pics and one of the guys or me if I have time can look into it for ya.

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