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  1. We were here $270.00 or there abouts from row ,no good when it poops down 😂
  2. Cigars: HDM SAN Juan....tried to like them ,but just hasn’t happened yet 😶 Other: Instagram influencers plastic people / or anything Kardasian
  3. Hi Chris Wishing you all the best on your trip to Oz and your trip to Brisbane.you will love the deck ,but more so the folks that inhabit it . for me the people and the place make a very special indeed cheers Steve
  4. Ask that to Buzz Aldrin and see what responses you get 😉
  5. Should have gone deep on just about everything before the horrendous OZ tax no wonder imports of illegal tobacco have gone up some 600%or more but for me Des Dieux punch SS #1&2 Punch royal selection and the list goes on and on 😉
  6. Maybe I think it’s just the way of the world at the minute . yet you can be an ‘influencer ‘ aka a general waste of oxygen and that’s ok ........
  7. Lois what a stunner 😉😂 again nothing f@3ks you harder than time ...😶
  8. And the best part is apart from sharing great musical and historical instruments with other gifted musicians ( similar to great Stradivarius instruments which are never owned as such they just pass through musicians hands ).and the proceeds of the sales go to charity 🙏👍🏼
  9. Eventually they will have to smoked,just whiskey is meant to be drunk.i guess I am like everybody here and am curious as to have they withstood the test of time? Thanks for posting Rob 👍🏼

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