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  1. Fell in love with this cigar,and I still don’t know why 😂it’s not my. Normal profile by a long shot there’s just something special about them there smoking well Rott cant imagine what they will be like in 3-5 😜 those that have them enjoy if you can keep your hands of them.SHAME THERE AS RARE AS ROCKING HORSE POO Habanos is on a winner here for once 🤣 cheers all
  2. Tell him he should follow WINNERS like we do 🤣🤫🍀
  3. What a bummer just what you need after that hectic trip back at least you have The Sydney crew to fall back on oh and dirty sanchez 🤣
  4. Wow one of the worst motor sport crashes I have ever seen and she lived albeit with a fractured spine doctors say she should make a full recovery https://youtu.be/ao6dpxmJ4Ag
  5. Great photos guys looks like a good time was had by all now home to recover 🤣
  6. Great review Tony love this Cigar when I have them and you do mix a mean negroni 👍
  7. A sad loss indeed thanks for all the memories...RIP ....Excelsior !
  8. Thanks for posting absolutely brilliant “lest we forget”
  9. Great pics guys looks fabulous enjoy Havana 👍🏼😘
  10. Great stuff guys looks like your having a hoot ❤️To all
  11. Thank you Ray the feelings mutual it’s on the bucket list take care my friend
  12. Great stuff guys wish I was on this epic sojourn with you ,maybe next time ... enjoy the main event is just round the corner 👍
  13. Great stuff guys wish I could be there with you have a great time WA crew rock 🤟
  14. Keep fishing there and there will be one less imbecile isnhe a Queenslander 🤣
  15. You just won 1.5 billion and your worried about Cigar taxes 🤣
  16. Haven’t read any other comments whilst only having had 154 and heaps of 50’s my money is on the 54 just thought it had a bit more body cheers 🍻

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