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  1. What are we looking at here? I was thinking GTV (which has unfortunately been “indefinitely postponed”), but this is slightly different. And agreed, btw
  2. That first pic (Honest?) looks pretty neat. I’ve always found Vector/Lotus to be reliable, durable, and cost effective
  3. Ducked out early today....pregame for the Lake Show in a little bit, still flying from that beat down last night!
  4. Hmmm...I have a very similar one and the secret is to suck on one of the holes at the top of the handle/around the rim and use it like a straw. Nice Stein!
  5. Cheers! I am a big fan of Stone - from their flagship IPA to all the Enjoy By's and special releases (the Enter Night Metallica collab was awesome). This one is Ruined Again, a triple IPA which I believe is a play off of, or a continuation of, their Ruination Double IPA. I just grabbed a 6er of their 24th Anni double IPA, which is also really good. FML is another in the rotation. They need to try really hard to make something I don't enjoy.
  6. Interesting read and great pics...thanks for sharing
  7. Poolside on a beautiful SoCal Saturday....cheers, FOH!
  8. They played with anger last night - LBJ felt slighted by the MVP votes (welcome to LA) and came out with that infectious Kobe fire. Poor Denver. Agreed on the finals - how crazy does that sound? But then again...2020
  9. Welcome to the club. One of the best smokes out there. Nic hit it, tomorrow, 10 years from now, yesterday...always reliable. Cheers
  10. Poolside “El Duche” honor and memory of this little guy #wutang
  11. Look at you, powering through the ECF anyway! Can’t wait for G1 tomorrow night. and I second Mike’s inquiry...

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