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  1. This sucks. Good luck with everything...I hope when they go to nab him, he resists and collects a nice ass whooppin as a result
  2. Just another victim of cut and paste, no doubt. But still have to razz him up a bit
  3. @Elpresidente Rob, when you get a sec, you really need to let us in on your secret method of storage/aging two whole years ahead of box release. That’s incredible!
  4. Thank you! I never doubted the Raiders!!! Not once. Not even twice or three times in the last few minutes!
  5. This. As @Bijan said, TSA rules say no butane lighters anywhere (checked, carry on, etc). I've gotten through with a cheapie the last couple times I flew over the summer.
  6. Tomahawks on the KJ tonight with some family, SC game and dinner with the boys tomorrow night, NFL and a bit of work Sunday. Some cigars sprinkled throughout, starting with a PSD4 currently…cheers to the weekend, FOH!
  7. I'd also add that I find myself "caring" about how someone else smokes when they're new or unaware of certain generally accepted concepts, especially when I've given them a cigar to try/enjoy - things such as letting the ash build to control the burn/temp (for the constantly tapping cigarette smokers), smoking slower for the same reason, etc. That said, when considering the smoking styles of regular cigar smokers, I agree with @Lrabold89 - it promotes discourse and consideration. Accept and ponder what you like, reject/disregard what you do not. Opine at your discretion.
  8. That was fantastic. Thanks for posting this, Ken
  9. play my Raiders after their 12-5 wild card season, only to lose and let order be restored in the NFL, culminating with the Raiders defeating the Bucs in the Super Bowl to kill two birds with one stone.

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