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  1. If the Habs need that trash to win, I don’t know what to say. VGK in 6
  2. “Can’t” put your finger on it, or “shouldn’t”? I’m going with the latter
  3. Awesome!! Where about? We’re taking the Sauerfish out of SD in July
  4. Happy you did this, but having answered "I get it" on all of them makes me wonder if I truly get any of it!
  5. Happy birthday, Di! Hope you have a great day and a great year ahead!!!
  6. Nice chill Sunday before getting back after it tomorrow. It was great to watch Phil’s win today, the Dodgers take care of business in SF, and…no, there wasn’t any other LA sport of interest today. Enjoying a beautiful SoCal afternoon…cheers, FOH!!
  7. Wow! Thank you, FOH!! Makes me feel a lot better about my performance at the poker table today…Cheers!!!
  8. Triple. When each of us got our first Pfizer, they had automatically scheduled the 2nd exactly 3 weeks later for us. We didn’t have to do anything but show up. Definitely check into that @FrancisK7
  9. A very rare, but incredibly enjoyable, NC for me to start the day off, thanks to a generous BOTL…cheers to the weekend, FOH!!!
  10. Looks like it’s an RA type of day here at FOH! Superiores from ‘19. My first box purchase from here last year after my decade long hiatus....great smoke. Cheers, FOH!
  11. It is impossible to get too much of the Ghanan paul bearers

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