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  1. Agreed, @mprach024 - I take it more as a refinement quality than a taste. But what do I know? My confused self googled the term and guess what the top (and most relevant) hit was??? A link to a few old threads on FOH about Rob and his made up word, having this very conversation.
  2. Inspired by all the chatter recently, I fired up an HUHC while I was getting the grill ready. Figured it would be a good time to test some thoughts being shared. Cheers, FOH!
  3. No doubt. Don’t forget the Three Wise Men. Sure sign that your friends actually hate you
  4. Hahaha. That it does....that it does. I wouldn't say it's the drink of the evening, you just have one to say you did and then move on...
  5. I've always called it an Irish Car Bomb, too - Mar 17 tradition, actually - Half pint of Guinness, 3:1 shot of Jamo:Bailey's, bombs away. That cigar, though? "Trying too hard" all star...and failed. I can do without the imagery. (the stick is ugly enough by itself!)
  6. Well...this is an interesting resurrection! Where you at @Fuzz?
  7. Enjoying a beautiful SoCal evening with my wife, inspired by this week’s video review...felt like a loose draw at first, but smoked beautifully. Full and delicious...followed it up with a great go-to quickie, but full, in the du Depute. Cheers, FOH!!!
  8. Looks like this was a popular stick tonight! Enjoyed it (they’ve been hit and miss for me lately) while playing cards with the fellas. Cheers, FOH!!!
  9. Reviewing some docs with a RASS. Hope all you cats east and north of the 310 are staying warm and safe. Cheers, FOH!
  10. I’ll second the D6 (and 3rd it - it’s great and timely) and add the HdM de Depute to the convo, although it’s a little longer and skinner than the HUHC. Similar smoke time, though
  11. Not sure about the mixing and matching of different RH% to achieve an ideal level. I know that is the case with bovedas - they will keep fighting each other and wear out quicker. Not sure if that is the case with beads, as I believe they’re one-way. If you use both, I would suggest the bovedas are the same RH as the beads.
  12. Siglo II for a nice afternoon smoke after a busy Saturday. Draw is a little tighter than I would like, but it’s still producing a decent amount of solid smoke. Cheers, FOH!!

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