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  1. Cheers! Hope you enjoy
  2. Noticed today that Cafecito de Cuba is back and available on the Nespresso US site. The gift set is sold out, but sleeves in original are available. Cheers, all
  3. I really enjoyed it. Nice and full bodied, good flavor. They were $12.50/sleeve
  4. Seconded! I’m less than a week in with mine, a complete newb admittedly, but I’m loving it. All the built in drinks at the push of a button are great, and playing around with the seemingly unlimited customization options has been enjoyable, as well. Picked up a couple sleeves of the Kona today and it is exceptional! Thanks for all the info here, everyone. Keep it coming!
  5. That's great to hear. I was emailing them a few months back seeing about getting that model delivered here in the states. The shipping charge was about 35-40% of the actual unit cost, so I passed. I hope that changes in the near future - it looks like they make a nice product.
  6. Awesome! Absolutely helps...thanks, man. I ordered a decent variety of capsules with it to try a bunch of stuff out - pretty sure a few that you mention. Looking forward to diving in and trying them all out
  7. It sounded so much like something Patrick Bateman would blurt out to himself, too. I am HORRIBLE at this game! Congrats @taylorgov2
  8. I love the dialogue here...wish I could offer a bit more, but I agree with all that you guys are saying. I’m sure it will be a new choice with a “I need to look this guy up” reaction, and I hope it’s a good one. I also hope the intervals between movies shorten as things begin to normalize five years from now!
  9. Trigger pulled....thanks for the feedback. I went with the Creatista Pro. That was on sale, as well, and seeing as I was able to get it for less than I was about to pay for the plus a couple days ago, seemed like a no brainer. I chose the Breville for a number of reasons, ones you mentioned, and it matches my other Breville counter top appliances. Also chose the pro over the plus for the higher volume/capacity, additional drink options (nominal, but still), interface, and the ability to simultaneously pull shots and steam milk. Looking forward to messing around with it...thanks for the inspo, everyone!
  10. This one was a 6er 24:24 purchase with a box date of late 2019, I believe. Just got them three months ago and this was the first. Light one up! Just like my Raiders will light your boys up....again! Hahaha. Cheers
  11. Like you said, the flicks were bad - a function of script and production - but he was a great Bond. That’s why the remake of The Thomas Crown Affair was awesome. Bond in Manhattan stealing art and balling in a life of mystery for kicks. Probably made that movie because he saw how awful his Bond movies were going. Only made one more after that. And to address some other comments here, Craig is an awesome Bond and I love the prospect of Tom Hardy taking the role. Or Idris Elba, perhaps?
  12. Enjoying a mild evening during the onset of another treacherous autumn here in SoCal with my first from the maddy line...I should have grabbed these A LONG time ago. Cheers!!!
  13. Williams Sonoma just whacked the prices on the Delonghi Lattissima Pro and Breville Creatista Plus to $419usd. In case there are others browsing this thread intrigued like me and are thinking about pulling the trigger.....

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