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  1. I really really hope this was truly an accident. Looks like one hell of a gas leak. So tragic on many levels. Prayers for everyone involved.
  2. Schedule has kept me away for the better part of ‘22. Going to make a better effort to make it, as I enjoy breaking away and chumming it up with you all. Thanks for keeping it going, Steve!
  3. Hahahah. Savile Row is just a hackney carriage ride away, @Elpresidente
  4. 👀👀👀 🧹🧹🧹 night, night, @Ford2112, @Kaptain Karl
  5. True enough. I wish this weekend’s series was in LA
  6. It’s only May, brother, hang in there! That said, I can’t wait for these next two evenings so I can either talk a bunch of junk to a couple of gents on here or laugh at their ridiculous commentary regarding two meaningless games in May
  7. Looking forward to watching this thread continue…safe travels, Rob!
  8. A lot of goals, too. Kings game tonight was no exception. What a way to start it off as huge underdogs. Quick was on fire. TB got lit up tonight! What a whoopin
  9. Any fans out there? I know things got exciting here in the later rounds last year. Although my adopted Golden Knights, who have been the rave these past few years, are sadly left out, my beloved Kings are back where they belong…dancing. I don’t see the sharks anywhere. GKG!!!!
  10. I dig the slight name change, but I have some questions about the “O” in the logo…
  11. Great post…I feel like I forgot what that Cuban “twang” feels/tastes like. It certainly isn’t anywhere near the experience I had when I was first introduced. Going to give it a go with the most popular recommendations here to see if I can replicate it. I’m sure if the thread goes long enough, every marca/vitola will be mentioned
  12. I didn’t even read the post but had to respond - yes to Sotol!!!! Not sure of the brand/bottle you have, but it is a fantastic liquor. A fantastic middle ground between tequila and mezcal. Not too sweet, not too smoky. Just discovered it myself about a year ago. Fully endorse Now I’ll go back and read to see how many things I just parroted.
  13. All timer. Has to be in any top 10 list you find. One of the few I remember exactly where I saw it in the theatre for the first time, and even fewer seeing it on the big screen many times. So many classic lines, classic scenes….endless references that nearly always land, no matter how obscure. It’s 30 minutes away. I’ll be there in ten
  14. Lately I’ve been trying to see if I can fitness pair of pants…I need to get my ish together! Thanks for reviving the thread for some motivation!
  15. My son has been really serious about serving in the altar this year, so the afternoon nap is about to begin…
  16. Only 3 registered? Field has dwindled since the last time I was around...hop in!
  17. Lol! “Nicked Mookie off” you…all the Sox had to do was not nickel and dime the man and all would be good at Fenway. Happy they didn’t!!! Now we just need Manfried to stop screwing around and free Bauer
  18. Jesus. Dude couldn't just throw it in reverse and save me the anxiety?
  19. Just tell them FOH. Put a gt in front of it if they're confused.
  20. What devastating news. Condolences and prayers to Kelly and all who were close to him. May his memory be eternal.

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