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  1. In California (USA), a bill was passed not long ago that mandates that by the year 2030 (only 11 years away) all NEW vehicles sold in the state will have to be non fossil fueled vehicles (electric). Now there are 35 million people living in California, what's going to happen at 6:00 PM everyday when they all get home from work and plug in their cars to charge up? The infrastructure is a long way off from being ready for that.
  2. Where the hell are my cigars really coming from?
  3. I lost my wife to cancer back in November and it made me realize that tomorrow isn't promised to anyone. Since then I've been pulling out and smoking the sticks that I was always saving for those special occasions. Enjoy what you have now because those special occasions may never come.
  4. Thanks brother. This was an awesome pass. Congrats on the little one!
  5. I must admit, I had no confidence that the Dodgers could best Verlander but they got him!
  6. Great game tonight! I was a little worried about how well Alex Wood would pitch but he he was outstanding. The Dodgers need to start hitting better in the early innings. Watching them wait to score runs until the last few innings is stressing me out. They got Kershaw going tomorrow so here's hoping they go back to Los Angeles up 3 to 2.

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