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  1. I know these are crazy $$ but they are the most flavorful RA I've had...and I'm one of the few who don't get RASS...
  2. 2000 Dip 1..finally cracked this box after buying 10 yrs ago..
  3. '03 Partagas de Partagas..damn why did they all but stop making Cervantes...?
  4. '85 Partagas Coronas Junior for Birthday no 51...
  5. I have a very interesting story behind these...was lucky enough to score a cab on the nightly sale back in 2012 or so...received 25 shortly after( FOH was splitting up 50 cabs back then)...didn't receive the second 25 until 5 years later!! Lost in the mail somehow!??! After a 6 month nap in the humidor they still smoked like a dream...somehow didn't lose any flavor. Still have 8 left.

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