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  1. I am in at the Kickstarter signed edition but have been considering the Collectors Edition. My concern is the linen bound book. Will this stain with cigar smoke?I have good ventilation but everytime I repaint in my room, you can see the paint is stained slightly by cigar smoke. Any comments?
  2. Everything TEB 07 and 08 was spot on. Great code from the Partagas factory if my memory serves me.
  3. I smoke them as soon as I get them. I love the rustic bite. Reminds me of same day rolled cigars. The odd thing is I am becoming more of a mild cigar fan...except for the cazadores.
  4. Cazadores are mongrels to me. Rough around the edges...a bit bitey at times even though you talked very nice to him. I love them....fresh
  5. Just picked up a box. Was looking for a review after the fact Great review. Thanks
  6. My retired cousin seems to be chronicling every meal of every day. I have no idea why. I think it is narcissism. Hey look at me. Look at what I do or where I travel. Look at my kids and see how great they are. Look at what I'm eating while you schlep down that hamburger. Ever check out a good looking middle aged woman only to find 30 of her 35 pics are selfies of herself? Narcissism.
  7. I have done this in the past and have never been disappointed. It reminds me of tubos cigars...
  8. A few years ago there was a discussion here of running cigars under a tap.Not aged mind you. I wouldn't take the risk. I actually did it on a few sticks from a ox of PSD4's that were smoking very young. The experiment proved very interesting. It smoothed my cigar out. After smoking for a few min the cigar was actually dry....or the wrapper was. The cigar smoked great. You run the cigar under the tap before cutting the cap and try not to touch the foot. I tried this a few times. It reminded me of a fresh cigar in a tubos...only smoother.
  9. Yes but a read a good article about how the ratio of older cuban americans is changing. The jest of the article was the younger cuban americans don't care about upholding the embargo like the older generation does. Once the votes tilt in favor of the younger crowd....politicians are whores. They will develop positions based not on intellect or ideals, but on votes.
  10. Oh no. This is terrible. I just bought his instructional video and have been playing it all winter.
  11. No and I don't intend to. I have had the regular Johnnie Walker Blue and the Peetiness smell like body odor to me.I found myself smelling my pits thinking it was me!
  12. Sent. Had to leave off my handle because Cigar is in the name... no matter.
  13. I wish you the best Guy! 7 years ago I received a package in the mail from a friend in France who I have never met but only talked to on a cigar blog. I received that package out of the kindness of your heart and I'm sure you could not stand the thought of me making Mojito's using Bacardi. That is a fond memory of a stand up guy. I wish you and your family the best.
  14. Havana pick up only? Arg sort of like Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown It does sound great. Love that format
  15. I bought every TEB box I could get my hands on back then. Superb. I still have a 50 box of 2008 TEB Bolivar Corona Gigantes. Sadly there are only about 25-30 left. Hard to keep my paws off them.
  16. I hear you John. There is always next year for our Browns! BTW How's your arm? Can you throw?
  17. I bought this one on a recent trip to Strasbourg, France. Prettiest cutter I own. It does not cut well at all. If you want to skim the cap it does well. If you want to cut off a little more than that, you will most likely end up cracking the wrapper. A shame.

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