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  1. Habone gets all his ccs from his uncle raul ...who sells them from the trunk of his cadillac brougham ...puffs them in the golf tournys he tanks in ...

  2. Habone thinks hes a tourny golfer ...but goes out and gets worked by a pimple faced teen ...bahahahahaha

  3. welcome enjoy btw...brutus is a huge tosser u will prolly find out
  4. she can bounce with big geoffy but thats about it

  5. Thank U...I had a good weekend and the Lusi was the cherry on top! @ brutus I'll take the greys over that toilet bowl u got goin on Lmao !!!!!
  6. Dicko all members they gave good advice! But whatever you buy soley depends on what is pleasing to the eyes. You have to like what your looking down at. Most of the major brands all perform about the same especially when just starting out. I do however recommend anything from Taylormade or Ping if the majority of the Pros play them so should you. One more thing if you want to succeed at golf practice chipping and putting that's where all the MAGIC happens! Don't Give Up! Its a cruel heartless game!!!

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