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  1. chris12381

    Jury Duty

    I served on my first jury about 10 months ago. The defendant was shot by a police officer while he was responding to reports of a fight inside of a house. As soon as he officer arrived at the house, the defendant, intoxicated, came out of the door brandishing a handgun and raised it at the officer. All on dashcam. Defendant was shot 3 times...and survived. The trial took 16 days. Deliberations another 5. I was selected as foreman. At the end of deliberations, we found the defendant guilty of felony assault on an officer with a firearm, felony assault, felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony possession of an assault rifle and felony threats, but we found him not guilty of felony brandishing and threatening an officer (verbally). A week later, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison. The professionalism I saw every day by the Assistant DA, his court appointed defender and the judge was astounding. It was a hardship to serve on a jury for 21 days. Like @Nekhyludov , I was grateful that it was over. But I'd be honored to do it again.
  2. I have one Sensor Push but I have a TONE of these. Several in humidors, in my safe (don't want documents getting to humid) and several other sensors both outside and inside. I found them to be really well well made, they are quite accurate and are easy to calibrate. The wireless hub they offer is very affordable and has very impressive range. I have also been using the below system for many years for humidors and their other sensors as well. The ability to use them as part of IFTTT allows for some really interesting possibilities. As an example, I've been controlling my very large wineador's compressor with a tag's temperature sensor since normally the wineador stays naturally pretty cool but it can creep up in temperature. So I use IFTTT as a safety valve to turn on the compressor in case the temperature goes above my limit.
  3. I always thought my "La Moda" ashtray was kinda cool. Never thought anyone else would as well! 😉
  4. There's a thread on here about members who are licensed pilots. Some great photos. I'm a licensed private pilot and commercial drone pilot. I own a Piper Turbo Arrow III and a DJI Phantom III Professional.
  5. chris12381

    I have a list….

    I went through Ft. Lauderdale a month ago. Easily the most pleasant experience involving my passport, ever. I was through Immigration and Customs in under 10 minutes. Agent didn't say anything to me other than "Welcome home."
  6. chris12381

    Airbnb asa reviews

    It's not Havana unless you smell the smoke belching from almendrones cruising the city and hear the sound of reggaeton at 2AM on the Malecón. How did you ever cope? 😊
  7. chris12381

    Airbnb asa reviews

    Got a link to the property? Just curious to see where all this carbon monoxide and loud music is located.
  8. chris12381

    Spain vs Cuba

    Well it really depends. My girlfriend is about 10 years younger than I am, speaks Spanish and loves cigars. She's been to Cuba with me 4 times and each time I ask her if she wants to go to Cuba, she's never said no. I mention her age because much of Cuba happens after midnight and she still has energy to drag me out dancing and partying into the wee hours, and head home as the sun is coming up. This works well in Havana. It would also work well in Barcelona too, but being on the west coast of the US, Cuba is now much easier to get to. A redeye to the East Coast and we're in downtown Havana before noon.
  9. Great cigar. I burned trough a box of these like they were m&ms after I picked em up in Santiago de Cuba back 2003. I think the box was less than a hundred bucks. Wish I could get a do-over on those. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  10. My girlfriend and I easily smoke over a hundred Epicure No. 2s every year. We both would chose Box 2. There's just something not right about a dark wrapper on that cigar. But we wouldn't say "no" to Box 1!
  11. I have it. But don't suffer one bit from it. 😉
  12. Beetles was Hotel Nacional. Mold was Melia Cohiba.
  13. After I brought home a box of SCdH La Fuerza with a beetle breakout, I'll always open boxes. I have no expectation whatsoever of shopping around for wrapper colors and opening 5 boxes before I select one. But after I buy, I open all in store. I just got back from Havana on Sunday and opened every box I bought AFTER I purchased store. In the mix of several boxes that found their way home was a box of SLR Regios from 2014. Upon opening, I discovered water damage inside and a ton of mold. You could see water stains on the inside wood areas of the box. I showed the clerk the problem (he looked horrified and apologized) and he quickly went and got a new box for me. He asked me to inspect the new one. The new box was stunning.
  14. I should point out there were some OFAC changes published November 9th that do affect some of the licenses. You'll want to peruse them before making your decision.

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