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  1. chris12381

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    Let us know what you think. 😉
  2. A physical storage medium? How quaint. 😉
  3. chris12381

    Your Last Cracker Cigar?

    Picked up a 5er of Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo De Rio Seco LGR DEP 18. Stunners. Picked up 2 boxes. I'll be in for more. I think they're fantastic.
  4. chris12381

    Miami Custom agents

    Since it's their job to enforce customs, immigration and agricultural laws/regulations and as part of that duty, have a right inspect, I take the entirely opposite approach as your friend. But my goal is entirely the same. I declare everything: With the goal of not giving them an excuse to do their job.
  5. chris12381

    Miami Custom agents

    The agent citing that law is screwing around with people and he surely knows it. Read it carefully: 9804.00.80 Articles (including not over 50 cigars, or 300 cigarettes, or 2 kilograms of smoking tobacco or a proportionate amount of each, and not over 1 liter of alcoholic beverages), reasonable and appropriate, and intended exclusively, for the bona fide personal use of, and (except for articles consumed in use) to be taken out of the United States by, any person arriving in the United States who is leaving a vessel, vehicle or aircraft, engaged in international traffic, on which he or she is employed, with the intention of resuming such employment. As described in the "Harmonized Tariff Schedule" this is an exemption carved out for: A person arriving in the United States: (a) On duty as an employee of a vessel, vehicle or aircraft, engaged in international traffic, or (b) From a trip during which he was so employed, shall not be entitled to the exemptions provided for in this subchapter (other than those in heading 9804.00.80), unless he is permanently leaving such employment without the intention of resuming it on the same or another carrier. Huh? Exactly! But more importantly Does the definition/exemption apply to you ? Probably not. How about the other countless souls he has messed with or confiscated cigars from? Boy do I hate Miami.
  6. From what you mentioned, I saw Espléndidos, and Lanceros, IIs were easy to come by as were Vs a few 898s. But I had an eye out for 54s and not a box to be found in all of Havana. Plenty of 50s. I don't ever remember seeing any IVs. I did see VIs at 5th Ave in Miramar. Anyone wanna chime in their thoughts the availability of Montecristo 80s & Dantes, Punch Regios de Punch, Partagás Serie No. 1 and Talisman available in singles but boxes, "no hay"?
  7. I returned April 5th after an 8 day stay in Havana. Prices haven't gone up. Over the course of those days, my girlfriend and I visited a TON of stores and smoked quite a few cigars in each. In many trips to Havana, this is the first time I've really "lingered" in stores. I'm pretty sure I saw some boxes labeled FoH waiting for pickup... Best selection overall: No such thing. I found Cohiba Esplendidos in the Melia Cohiba but no Cohiba Robustos and in the Melia Cohiba they had Robustos, Siglo IIs, but no IVs and no Esplendidos. Explaining to my girlfriend that we had to go back to Miramar to buy a box of cigars that I saw the day before because the didn't have it at any of the stores we visited "today" made her INSANE...and she's from El Salvador. But that's nothing new. Her vote for favorite place was Cohiba Atmosphere in the Manzana de Gomez. Classy place. I picked up 8 boxes of cigars. I opened all 8 before I left the store, after I bought them. 6 of the 8 upon opening were beautiful. 2 of them were not great and I asked to exchange them for different ones. No problems at all. The new ones were great. 3 of the boxes were 2014 Rafael Gonzalez La Perlas from LCdH Habana Libre. Can we talk about the quality of singles these days? They used to open a box and once the box was gone, they'd open another. Now all the wrappers are different colors, different quality and, well, I'm not gonna go there. Then there's the cigars that are available ONLY in singles but they don't have any boxes available. I could keep writing but I'll cut it short.
  8. chris12381

    Worst Airports?

    I grew up in RI and did my primary flight training at PVD. It's a great/well-run airport.
  9. chris12381

    Jury Duty

    I served on my first jury about 10 months ago. The defendant was shot by a police officer while he was responding to reports of a fight inside of a house. As soon as he officer arrived at the house, the defendant, intoxicated, came out of the door brandishing a handgun and raised it at the officer. All on dashcam. Defendant was shot 3 times...and survived. The trial took 16 days. Deliberations another 5. I was selected as foreman. At the end of deliberations, we found the defendant guilty of felony assault on an officer with a firearm, felony assault, felony assault with a deadly weapon, felony possession of an assault rifle and felony threats, but we found him not guilty of felony brandishing and threatening an officer (verbally). A week later, he was sentenced to 24 years in prison. The professionalism I saw every day by the Assistant DA, his court appointed defender and the judge was astounding. It was a hardship to serve on a jury for 21 days. Like @Nekhyludov , I was grateful that it was over. But I'd be honored to do it again.
  10. I have one Sensor Push but I have a TONE of these. Several in humidors, in my safe (don't want documents getting to humid) and several other sensors both outside and inside. I found them to be really well well made, they are quite accurate and are easy to calibrate. The wireless hub they offer is very affordable and has very impressive range. I have also been using the below system for many years for humidors and their other sensors as well. The ability to use them as part of IFTTT allows for some really interesting possibilities. As an example, I've been controlling my very large wineador's compressor with a tag's temperature sensor since normally the wineador stays naturally pretty cool but it can creep up in temperature. So I use IFTTT as a safety valve to turn on the compressor in case the temperature goes above my limit.
  11. I always thought my "La Moda" ashtray was kinda cool. Never thought anyone else would as well! 😉
  12. There's a thread on here about members who are licensed pilots. Some great photos. I'm a licensed private pilot and commercial drone pilot. I own a Piper Turbo Arrow III and a DJI Phantom III Professional.
  13. chris12381

    I have a list….

    I went through Ft. Lauderdale a month ago. Easily the most pleasant experience involving my passport, ever. I was through Immigration and Customs in under 10 minutes. Agent didn't say anything to me other than "Welcome home."
  14. chris12381

    Airbnb asa reviews

    It's not Havana unless you smell the smoke belching from almendrones cruising the city and hear the sound of reggaeton at 2AM on the Malecón. How did you ever cope? 😊

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