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  1. Back in February the government published a list of activities where the private sector was not permitted to operate. It actually was quite impressive to do it that way rather than in the past where they had said where they COULD. What did catch my eye (but at the time I thought, surely they mean more as a package tour operator?) was: "Actividades de agencias de viajes y operadores turísticos." There's your tour guide prohibition. ?
  2. Pepper. Especially a white pepper but a spicy black pepper is not sediment something I enjoy I enjoy smoking a cigar. So, basically most non-Cuban cigars that are produced these days. There is also a chemical taste that I seem to get when I smoke some non-Cuban maduros (a rare event). There's even a strange color to the smoke (I think). It's suspicious. ?
  3. Just had my annual check up. Was asked by the nurse during a pre interview phone call about drinking and smoking. When I told her I smoke cigars ("About 5 a week"), she seemed appalled and the nurse said the doctor might want to "discuss that with me." Turns out she did. My doctor asked my why I smoked cigars. I told her I found them to be relaxing. They allow me to decompress and my girlfriend smokes them as well and it's something with both enjoy doing together. Pre-pandemic, when I battling SF Bay Area traffic, I would enjoy a cigar stuck in bumper to bumper. Everyone around me wa
  4. Nice job. I've always felt "smoke now or wait" internal debate is made much easier with 50 cabs.
  5. Without a doubt the best bang for your buck, cheap and cheerful cigars made. "Don't like it? It's only 4 cents. Get another. Don't like that one? Try another..."
  6. I usually give mine away to local teachers who use them for school art projects or list them on NextDoor/Craigslist for free. First come, first served. Lots of people want them for purses, guitar amps, organizing, etc. I do ink out the box codes though.
  7. Humo (smoke) Vega (tobacco plantation) Vitola Ramona Llones
  8. Nordstrom always sells nice mens leather gloves lined with cashmere on sale this time of year. I was gifted a pair of nice Coach gloves that work on cell phone screens. They're quite warm and work well.
  9. I've had good luck using 97-99.5% isopropyl alcohol when removing the residual glue off the wooden boxes.
  10. Try heating the sticker and It's glue up with a hair dryer and slowly peeling them off.
  11. After the riots and in typical Castro fashion, he held a press conference and said Cuba could no longer afford to be the guardian of North American shores and simply allowed Cubans to take to the seas. He created a problem for the US to handle, for the US to solve and eventually drove them to negotiate a new immigration accord and implement the Wet Foot, Dry Foot Policy in early 1995. By then, 35,000 Cubans had made it to Florida. God knows how many drowned. In the process, the Cuban government once again used immigration to the US as a safety valve on significant political organizati

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