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  1. Did you calibrate the sensor push or verify it was correct before you put it in the bag with the cigars?
  2. If you happen to be in a country where they have regionals for sale, feel free to roll the dice and stock up. Otherwise, the current standard non EL production is where it's at. But that's just one opinion.
  3. I sold a copy several years ago for $650 to a buyer in Japan. My girlfriend yells at me about it a few times a year. She loved looking at the photos but I was given a Spanish PDF version so...whatever.
  4. So true...and nothing to be about that problem except suffer through it or pitch it and try another one.
  5. Espléndidos Sir Winston Ramon Allones Gigantes. I'm betting these get axed by Habanos by 2030. I figure that's an instant return on investment. I'm reality, I'd invest that 100k elsewhere. There's much better returns elsewhere, and I don't have to worry about storing those cigars.
  6. First of all, congrats on making it through to the other side. Way more important than cigars. Coolers do a remarkable job of maintaining humidity for a really really long time, especially ones that never are air tight and never get opened. If as you said, the 65% packs still had some moisture in them, it's likely they hygrometer is actually wrong/reading incorrectly. Just toss in a few more 65% packs in the cooler. Wait a month...or don't. You've earned it.
  7. A box of 2002 Ramon Allones 898...and light a RA 898s from the burning house from an already open box on the way out the door.
  8. All of the apps I've seen either track too much stuff or don't have what I want so I created a Google sheet years ago that I keep in Google Drive. Happy to share it with you if you'd like.
  9. As an example, the Cohiba one screams fugazi as the time lines of pre revolution CyS and Cohiba don't line up...and I don't think Cohiba has ever licensed their name to CyS since their reincarnation in the 2000s.
  10. There are quite a few CyS "frankenwatches" on the market. Old faces, sometimes old hands with new movements (usually Chinese) and cases for the price of a legitimate antique watch. Be careful.
  11. If I remember correctly, the Pro stores data if the network goes down (or at least holds more than the 13 bit does) or its far from the witless tag manager and is not always making a solid connection. People also use them to track to verify temperature in shipment so you would use the pro for something like that. The ALS senses angular motion. You can attach it to a door and it will record that event. They have a new one that senses lumens now which has some fun potential with controlling things around the home but haven't played around with it yet.
  12. I have a TON of these. Several in humidors, in my safe (don't want documents getting to humid) and several other sensors both outside and inside and at other locations. They are really well well made, accurate and are easy to calibrate. The wireless hub they offer is very affordable and has very impressive range. I don't know if you can do the following with SensorPush, but the ability to use them as part of IFTTT allows for some really interesting possibilities. As an example, I've been controlling my very large wineador's compressor with a tag's temperature sensor. I have one of the tags set up to send a signal to IFTTT when after 5 temperature readings its consecutively over 69 degrees. IFTTT then sends a signal to a smart plug to turn on. After the temperature is down to 62, the reverse happens. This takes the wineador's temperature sensor out of the loop and uses the very accurate wirelesstag as the sensor. The beads and fans do their do their job unless temperature enters the equasion. Just the way I want it.
  13. Unless you were planning on flying private/GA from a US airport to Cuba, you are correct.
  14. Royal Caribbean gets the gold. They're giving option of 50% off to everyone on the new itinerary as compensation for their inconvenience/dissapointment OR a full refund.
  15. Last cruise ship pulled out our Havana Harbor a little over 2 hours ago. Photo is courtesy of Patrick Oppmann, CNN's correspondent in Havana.
  16. Sounds like there is no grandfather clause in the cruises. I've heard from three friends who were booked on cruises who are diverting to other ports of call. It effective...mañana.
  17. Monte No. 2 Cohiba Espléndido Hoyo De Monterrey Epicure No. 2 Partagás Lusitania And I'd probably bring something memorable like a Ramón Allones 898.
  18. I used to love opening a cabinet of naked cigars wrapped in a yellow ribbon. Those cigars seemed to be better. I've got no proof. But they sure seemed special and the presentation made it so. Now it's just a cedar (laminate cedar) box with 50 cigars in it. Who am I kidding. I still chase 'em and prefer 'em!
  19. Only you can really answer that question as it really depends on your tastes and how much stock you have. BUT... I have a lot of boxes of 2014 Bolivar PC, Bolivar Coronas Junior and BBF. All ULA. All fantastic. If I had picked up a box today, and never had tried one, I'd have tried one a month after receiving it as a baseline, and then it's really up to you to decide how you want to enjoy them over the next few years...or decade(s). Cabs of 2002 and 2005 Bolivar PCs are still in my rotation and they are amazing.
  20. Picked up a 5er of Hoyo de Monterrey Le Hoyo De Rio Seco LGR DEP 18. Stunners. Picked up 2 boxes. I'll be in for more. I think they're fantastic.
  21. Since it's their job to enforce customs, immigration and agricultural laws/regulations and as part of that duty, have a right inspect, I take the entirely opposite approach as your friend. But my goal is entirely the same. I declare everything: With the goal of not giving them an excuse to do their job.
  22. The agent citing that law is screwing around with people and he surely knows it. Read it carefully: 9804.00.80 Articles (including not over 50 cigars, or 300 cigarettes, or 2 kilograms of smoking tobacco or a proportionate amount of each, and not over 1 liter of alcoholic beverages), reasonable and appropriate, and intended exclusively, for the bona fide personal use of, and (except for articles consumed in use) to be taken out of the United States by, any person arriving in the United States who is leaving a vessel, vehicle or aircraft, engaged in international traffic, on which he or she is employed, with the intention of resuming such employment. As described in the "Harmonized Tariff Schedule" this is an exemption carved out for: A person arriving in the United States: (a) On duty as an employee of a vessel, vehicle or aircraft, engaged in international traffic, or (b) From a trip during which he was so employed, shall not be entitled to the exemptions provided for in this subchapter (other than those in heading 9804.00.80), unless he is permanently leaving such employment without the intention of resuming it on the same or another carrier. Huh? Exactly! But more importantly Does the definition/exemption apply to you ? Probably not. How about the other countless souls he has messed with or confiscated cigars from? Boy do I hate Miami.

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