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  1. H Upmann connie A Punch Punch Montecristo no. 4 H Upmann 54 RY&J Wide Churchill
  2. My last one such a great cigar. Need to stock up again!
  3. tucomapache


    I listen to vinyl then watch Billions...
  4. Pico Pica hot sauce on eggs....
  5. 1. Bad Santa.. 2. Goodfellas The Bar has real Christmas lights not stupid LED's!
  6. Have 4 left from a box SUB JUL 11.. Always great...
  7. My two favorite Mexican bandits on film... Tuco from the good, the bad and the ugly.. And Mapache from the Wild bunch..
  8. when that rope pulls tight you can feel the devil bite your ass...
  9. My tag is a combo of my two favorite Mexican bandids on film.. Tuco from The good the bad and the ugly.. Mapache from the wild bunch Both bad ass cigar smokers and great characters... My avitar is of course Mapache with a drink, a honey and a cigar there somewhere... To me the best western movies have heavy doses of trains, machine guns and Mexicans (smokin pre embargo smokes) ... BTW my name is Joe from Mapache Territory
  10. I have a PSP box from 11 they are full bodied great smoke...
  11. tucomapache


    Agreed loved it... And waiting for Killing them softly...

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