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  1. My 16 year-old son has 3 or 4 soccer matches starting Friday night.
  2. when i get cigars with mold like this I simply drop the RH and temperature for storage. thereafter, I segregate them in a ziplock bag and simply put them in my humi. The only times I have seen mold on/in the foot is in neglected commercial humidors at irresponsible b&m's.
  3. Got about 1/2 a cab from '07, which i haven't smoked from ina couple years. Will give one a try and report...
  4. I behave myself on CBid and here. I have old cigar friends and enjoy mixing it up a little there, but what makes this place best is rules against discussion of American politics and social issues. Whenever new members post here who are also on CBid, I cringe a little and tell them this place is special and not to ruin it or the source for good cigars. Most get it.those who don't have left from here.
  5. How can one go terribly wrong with an H. Upp.- unless they simply don't care for the marca?

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