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  1. Does the box look that bad or did they just stuff fakes into a recycled 09 box? The box looks sus to me.
  2. Likely the ugliest vehicle ever made. Helps this particular model is in Diarrhea Green.
  3. Its funny because its true. On an occasion Ill have a smaller cigar (PC or half corona) and maybe 1 or 2 beverages to go with and I'm wide awake and can't sleep. My normal is to have a larger cigar (Pyrimide, Churchill) with 3+ scotches and I sleep like a baby.
  4. Kauai is my Hawaiian island of choice. Ill be there again this coming winter. As for the cigars I have tried the Kauai Cigar Company selections on a few occasions but have never been impressed. I believed the were the Island Prince series but I will seek out the Hawaiian Vintage on this trip. I tend to bring my own "unbanded" selection with me when I travel. As for the coffee, the Kauai Coffee is very good. It's generally available at most Costco's and although it isn't what I would call a dark roast its a very nice everyday coffee. Interesting to note in the article where i
  5. I got half my walls to 11 and have pretty much finished all my research with a few minor exceptions. I would love to get my AQ and BK to higher levels but it time to make the move. Handle is Big G (#290RUU98U) and clan is Winner Pegs
  6. Another here for Clash of Clans. I'm 2 1/2 years into it and sitting at max town hall 10 and about to turn it up to 11! The builder base has been a pleasant new addition.
  7. Alter Bridge is awesome. Mark Tremonti is a absolute wizard with a guitar and Miles Kennedy vocals are awesome. Their new album is good (The Last Hero), however I think they drag the superhero theme too far. Termonti's last solo effort was good too.
  8. "Why don't they just put Diplomaticos out of it's misery already???"
  9. Once in a blue moon I escape the kennel and try something on the outside and usually end up running back into the safety of kennel as quickly as possible. Has a Oliva Serie V Melani while in Vegas last month. It was terrible and tasted like something you would find on the floor of the kennel.
  10. Ditto on the Dip #4. They were discontinued around the time I was starting to get serious about CC's and I managed to get my hands on two boxes.
  11. I'll throw in another vote for Turks & Caicos. Best beaches I have seen and the restaurants along the ocean are fantastic. I went there with a group of family and kids and thought to myself that this would be a place I would come back to with just the wife if I had the opportunity.
  12. I don't recall seeing much in the way in the duty free shops there either. The Providenciales airport is a very small airport. I remember getting a bottle of Zacapa XO from duty free there but didn't see anything in regards to cigars. Definitely bring you own and maybe you get lucky finding something.
  13. I wouldn't go with much expectations of bringing home a huge haul. I was there in 2014 and stayed in the Grace Bay / Providenciales area. There were a few shops who had some stand-up humidors with some Cuban standards. Didn't inspect closely enough to determine if they were legit or not. There was a small place on Grace Bay road with their own local brand. I had sampled and I don't recall it being anything to get excited about. Defiantly bring your own supply for smoking during the trip. Wonderful place, probably the most amazing beaches and turquoise water I have ever seen in my

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