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  1. Love reading these short stories! Thanks. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  2. Probably my favorite vacation in my mid 20's. Drove all the way there from Canada to Key West going through the whole east coast. What a blast! I did enjoy a few cigars there as well. What I remember was the 40*C at night, we were going from gift shops to gift shops because they had A/C. Sent from my SM-G986W using Tapatalk
  3. Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure#2 for being on the lighter side. Very good cigar nonetheless.
  4. Hi, I always love ST Dupont cigar accessories. Here's my lighter and a few more items.
  5. Good review. I still have a few sticks left from my Cohiba Siglo IV from 2006 box. About 2 years ago, I smoked it while pairing it with Vodka and watermelon. It was one of my best pairing ever. Make sure you mix some sweet watermelon with ice and vodka so it becomes slushy!
  6. This is exactly what my wife just bought among many other things. Ceremonial matcha taste amazing. Totally worth it. I will try to pair it with a Trinidad Fundadores next time I drink matcha!
  7. Bought 2 boxes of Montecristo#4. One for aging and the other one for having a short smoke break. The box from 2018 DIC XXX has been phenomenal. No need to age. So so much better than my old 2008 box.
  8. I find that CoRo only start to taste good after 8 years. Smoked on the other day, a CoRo 2010-2011 and love the creaminess and the lemon rind and vanilla taste. Quite good. On the other hand, my Fundies from 2017-2018 are amazing already! Hoyo DC probably takes the cake. It is so good aged.
  9. I am gonna go with this theory... Try smoking while holding your cigar upright. That way, the humidity of the cigar is trying to escape from the foot rather than the side of your cigar. It's just a theory but it might be worth trying. lol
  10. Another watch strap for my Omega Planet Ocean 39.5 Do I need an orange strap? Not really but hey, if I can't shop outside, I'll shop online.
  11. I guess they pulled the plug right on time with the whole city shutting down because the the COVID19, plain packaging rule going into effect, etc.
  12. The grandfather clause is on the location. It cannot be transferred to a new location. So someone has to buy that LCDH on Sherbrooke st. and make a cigar lounge out of it.

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