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  1. I really like the Victory Dirt Wolf. Profound grapefruit flavors on the finish. Victory brewing is an hour ride from my place. Can't wait for the warm weather as we usually ride the scooters out for lunch.
  2. My every day pour is either Makers or Woodford Reserve. Both are reasonably priced. I have had a few bottles of George T. and all have been very good. My buddy's eyes always light up when the T. comes out to play.
  3. 2011 Goose Island Bourbon County Stout.
  4. Nice Had my first Heady Topper last week.
  5. Take the MC out for a ride , getting cold in the NE USA not many riding days left before winter. Cigars and cocktails. Going to a Bull terrier match/ meeting sponsored by my local club . More cigars and beers.
  6. Happy Thanksgiving to all and their families. Camping Friday , Saturday and Sunday with my buddies in the Catskills. If memory serves me correct this will be our 20th year of drinking and cigar smoking over the holiday weekend.
  7. Very Nice. I have 2 wood burning stove in the house, toasty. I am guessing that you are going to scratch coat and use some sort of cultured stone ??? over that mesh.
  8. Motorcycles I've only owned Harleys, backpacking , canoe tripping , cooking , Bull Terriers belong to national and local breed clubs oh and consuming copious amounts of beer and bourbon.
  9. page 6 Carole Kranepool I went to prep school with Ed's son Keith. Nice kid but certainly not the athlete that his father was. I think keith was from his second wife Monica.
  10. No power at my home. Many trees down but no damage to my house. Power poles snapped in half across the street electrical wires still blocking the road. Power may be returned as soon as next Wednesday. I have 2 wood burning stoves for heat. Basically my wife and I are camping in our living room. Helping out neighbors when I can.
  11. I am in NJ and the damage is epic. I lost 3 trees completely uprooted . Lines at gas stations are miles long. Grocery store closed for days. There are power poles snapped in half across the street from my home. I have not had power in almost 96 hours and do not expect to get it back for another 7-10 days. I am basically camping out in my home. I work at a state university and we have 2 shelters set up on campus that are filled to capacity. I have been handling damage assement for my campus for the past 2 days and trying to affect repairs to our facilities. I am not at all worried about my w
  12. I use the gatco diamond bar sharpening system to put an edge on my kitchen knives. http://www.gatcosharpeners.com/product/sharp_systems/edgemate_pro_sys.mgi Comes with a jig that holds the knife to ensure the correct sharpening angle. I send them out every couple of years to get professionally sharpened.
  13. Yamaha receiver 7.1 home theater set up at my place with a 55" lcd display, satelite dvr/tv , blue-ray player and I-pod dock. Great for music and video. I run Klipsch speakers. 4 book shelf size speakers , center channel speaker , 2 dipole surround sound speakers and 2 10" powered sub-woofers.
  14. I miss Jimmy. I gotta go to NYC and look him up.

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