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  2. Best meal I've had was in a little tiny town in named Törwang in Bavaria (Germany). The place is called Der Entenwirt. They make this fantastic duck, with traditional Bavarian sides. (Red cabbage and bread or potato dumplings). I go there every time I am in Bavaria.
  3. ? Habanos SA announced it was discontinued in 2011, and it's listed on Trevor's site as discontinued. And, it's availability on the market sure has shrunk. I've bought several boxes, and they've been much harder to find. I have yet to get a box with a date code older than 2010.
  4. My second favorite cigar is the Edmundo Tubo. Hands down. (I agree that the Tubo is a bit different than the non-Tubo... likely the long term enclosure in cedar?) The Petite Edmundo is in my top 10. No doubt. You really can't go wrong either way. Personally, I'd get both. (And, normally, I do.) PE is a super short smoke. The Edmundo Tubo is a great longer smoke. So, how much time do you have? That's the question I would ask...
  5. Interesting. Well... it is Cuba... (perhaps they had boxes/bands or other things made they didn't want to waste?) I know you're pretty knowledgeable so I'm assuming you're comfortable with your source.
  6. Then your buddy may have been duped. The Culebra is my favorite, and I've been smoking them since 2008. I can assure you, they were discontinued in 2011. Never had one I did not like. Young or not.
  7. I was just there a few months ago. Nothing. There is a state wide ban on smoking at indoor workplaces. Tobacconists are not exempt. It's a real bummer.
  8. Well. We're hitting the down on a Saturday, so I don't think the breweries that are in the area will be open. But, the Steigl museum is open that day, and we're hitting the Augusteiner brew pub. :-)
  9. I'll be travelling around Bavaria. I try to get there every year, or every other year. I have one full box left of the Bolivar Especialles No. 2. Haven't broken into it yet... (love that cigar.)
  10. Taking my little guy to see Monster's Inc in 3D. Perhaps having a dram of 50yo scotch as well. (Not while at the theater mind you...)
  11. Thanks for the notes. I'd be interested in other opinions on this. I'll be in DE next month, but unfortunately won't be anywhere that will let me smoke... unless for some reason I find a place during my travels. So, I was thinking of buying a box of these blind....

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