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  1. I got a lot of similar flavors as others. It never gave me a fight on the draw but the burn was all over the place. I think this cigar could easily use another six months of sitting to mellow out. First third: wood, tannic, earthy second third: slight spice, salty, burnt chocolate or burnt coffee last third: spice over powers other flavors, light cream, salt still on my tongue, very strong nicotine hit At the end: all spice and nicotine hits If I only guessed on others comments I’d guess this was a very young Boli PC but I have a few ideas to mull through ove
  2. PO Boxes my fine sirs, less than $50 per year and the wife only sees the one box every few months you get shipped to the house!
  3. Count me in! This sounds like my usual weekend afternoon by the pool anyway!
  4. I forgot to mention above that this is truly the key takeaways from these posts. You can be as respectful as Queen Elizabeth and wear as many clothes as your grandmother would, but if you make a mistake and cause a problem, even if it's not directly your fault, it WILL NOT end well for you as an outsider in an Arab country. I would expect your wife's business to have security and legal representatives in the region you'd be residing in. Keep their numbers and addresses in your phone and on a paper on you at all times, you don't want to have to reach them and have to depend on your phone
  5. A visa is not required for US tourists to the UAE as long as your passport is valid for a minimum of six months after arrival, though a work visa on behalf of your wife would not be a bad thing. Covid is still a pandemic there, you will have strict entry and exit plans to the nation, and will likely have to stay in an "airport hotel" for quarantine until you pass their restrictions. The apps and papers may not all line up for negative test results and vaccination records, if that happens, call the health numbers for assistance. Shorts will likely get you "dress-coded" from almost an
  6. Less of a case of sold off, but more of a case of didn't buy enough in 2006 when a wholesaler closed down and had a fire-sale, and smoked through that stock much quicker than ever expected!
  7. If Havana House was brilliant, they would request a corona, lonsdale, lancero, or a panetela as a regional in a 25slb w/o bands, and they would sell like hotcakes, even with plain packaging. Hell, put in a redemption card in the box (with a matching number to the box) to send in to HH for bands for $50, as a promotional product, and that would sell them even hotter!
  8. Sorry to hear this Rob, maybe he was just looking for the 2021 FOH blind tasting results ahead of time to look like the biggest chump... err i mean champ! Honestly though that sucks, hope insurance is quick, and the dirtbag is caught even quicker and you get to pick his punishment!

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