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  1. Unfortunately I had a trip bought and paid for to dive the great barrier reef this last July. I had to resort to credit card chargeback to get refunds. Virgin Australia has been slimey to deal with. I am hoping for July 2021 but it may not be till 2022. Still on my bucket list
  2. This site has loads of info and tutorials. Brisket Like others have said - keep it simple. Rub - salt and pepper, maybe add some garlic powder. I like to trim most of the fat off including the fat between the point and the flat. Try for 225 F to 250 F until internal temp is 205 F. Spend money on good thermometers. If you wrap the brisket in foil when internal temp stalls at around 150 F you will cut way down on the overall cooking time, but the crust won't be as crispy. Everything else that you do is fine tuning. Personally I have gone over to the dark side and use a pellet grill. Good luck.
  3. In the 70s most concerts followed the same format. Open with a local band, next a moderately famous band with the big band last. My favorite was at the Oakland coliseum in 72. The local band was Tower of Power - put on a great show. The second band Santana. The big band was Chicago. The show ended with the horn section from all 3 bands on stage.
  4. amazing ribs has quite a bit of useful info from choosing your piece of meat to trimming and cooking. specifically he addresses the stall and to foil or not. If I don't wrap the brisket it will take 18 hours to 22 hours' at 225. Personally I'm lazy, so I have been using a pellet grill for 10 years.
  5. My choice would Bolivar Corona Gigante. I have a box of 23 left and I save them like I do the sir winstons.
  6. I think cuban tobacco is the best. NC definitely have an edge in quality control. If I am going out I definitely have to bring 2 or 3 skinny cubans in case I need to pitch a plugged one, not a problem with an NC.
  7. Like others have said, don't worry about the temp variations. Your grill will smoke anything you want. Pulled pork with a good rub will take 12 th 18 hours and is so worth it. Just keep the hopper full of pellets. I have had pellet grills for the last 15 years and love them. In the sub 1K $ range all the pellet grills are pretty much the same. For most of them their weakness is steaks. Doesn't really grill as much as roast. But I've tried cooking good steaks on charcoal, propane and cast iron pans, and I get complaints that they don't taste as good. When you step up to the $1800 plus range things change. The grills are insulated. The fan speed is variable so the temperature fluctuate only a few degrees. My current one is WiFi connected and has an app that let's me load custom cooking programs as well as being able to see grill temp and meat temp with the probe on my phone. I'll never go back to a manual smoker.
  8. As a Veterinarian and an owner of a German Shepard that loves to play with skunks I have a bit of experience with this. first off - nothing works great. If you have a pick up truck - put him in the bed and go for a drive. you won't believe how much of the smell goes away just by airing him out. If the wife has the truck I put an old sheet in the back seat and put down the top and go for a drive. remove the collar - wash or throw it away. You would be surprised at how often someones dog keep getting a bath because they take off the collar , bathe him then put it back on and he still smells. Forget tomato juice. the skunk formula above works pretty well. Personally I use chlorhexadine surgical scrub (any drug store/chemist will have some) as a primary shampoo, and then any shampoo with benzoyl peroxide to clean out anything that got into his pores if he still smells after the first bath. good luck.
  9. I have been riding for years and have racked up over 200k miles on different bikes ( my current BMW has 120 on it). A couple of suggestions come to mind. First take the MSF course with her. Second find a well used GJC ( generic Japanese crap) in the 500 to 750 cc range. These are bikes that can be dropped on their side without causing a grand worth of damage. Zero mph falls are common when starting out. After 3 or 4 months the bike can usually be sold for close to what you paid. Lastly take her to get fitted with a quality helmet. Most European motorcycle dealers carry both Shoei and Arai brand helmets. All helmets are not created equal. Good luck.
  10. I wear left out but still have to remove the watch for any adjustments. I find it too difficult to screw the crown back down while still on my wrist
  11. I doubt very many of these will ever be submitted for approval. At worst they can sell them for another 2 years and at best the Grandfather date will be moved to aug 7 2016 and they won't ever have to submit. The specials like some of the Halloween releases are just one shot anyway, so no need to worry about long term sales.
  12. I went with a pellet grill because I am basically lazy. With the charcoal you have to keep checking and adjusting. I've had a traeger for ten years now, and use it 1-2 times a week year round. I love the set it and forget it. Turn the knob to the desired temperature - it will light itself and maintain the temp as long as you keep the pellets full and have electricity. The pellet will not produce a strong smoke, other platforms do a better job. For pulled pork, set it at 225 F and measure temp of the meat 12 hours later. Cooking steaks and burgers - it's OK it takes a while (about 20 minutes)to get up to temp but has a great flavor. I did a standing rib roast for Christmas and it came out great - a very different flavor form the oven. Is a pellet grill better than the egg? For me yes, that is just my short attention span. For others the egg is Far superior.
  13. Do you have any idea how many times I have refreshed. I need to get a life.
  14. My wife doesn't partake but is extremely supportive. Many evenings she will ask if I have a cigar selected and she will pull a pint from the keg for herself and we will sit on the back deck talking about the day. When we are on vacation with friends she will usually find a place for us to drink and smoke.
  15. Absolutely do not declare them. I have some friends that work for ICE ( and they enjoy my Cubans on occasion ), and they said for the most part they operate on " don't ask, don't tell " basis as far as CC are concerned, but if they find them they are supposed to toss them in the trash. If you want to make sure your stash is unmolested remove the labels from those "Nicaraguan" cigars.

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