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  1. Check out the LCDH in Cozumel, it's just a ferry ride away. You might find something interesting although in general it's probably better to bring your own smokes.
  2. This topic appears to have a long history on this board with a lot of interesting content, a search for "rinsing" and "dousing" will bring up some great threads. The first one I found goes back to 2009: The responses are pretty incredulous! I've used this method on both young and old cigars with good results. I've never heard of it having an adverse affect until Ken's recent mention of a chaotic wrapper.
  3. Elvis

    Behike Box Pictures

    I was really excited until the last pic. Empty boxes make me sad.
  4. Nice review! Good to know they still have some legs. Thank you
  5. Elvis

    .....what a night

    Well done!
  6. Edición Regional Alemania, Bolivar Especiales No.2
  7. What an excellent post! The Partagas Seleccion Privada please! And a review, even a short one would be fantastic. Pics or it didn't happen :-) My second vote would be SLR DC. I can't believe I just typed that... Thanks very much!
  8. Absolutely love the Dualit, it will outlast me. I even bought one for my Mom and Dad!
  9. Elvis


    Very sorry for your loss. Prayers sent.
  10. Congratulations, John!
  11. Excellent review! Love the Epi #2's, glad you enjoyed it too.

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