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  1. PSP coloniales from our host and some cazadores I found on sale that look surprisingly good.
  2. First ever JL2 from a 2018 psp box. I think I could smoke this every day.
  3. I haven’t tried them yet. Just came in yesterday. The picture is making them look a bit darker than they are but I do have another box with darker wrappers and I really can’t tell the difference from the lighter ones I have.
  4. Siglo V was easily the best cigar I smoked this year. Just wish we would see some come up for sale soon.
  5. Thanks for sharing Rob, anything else new and exciting we can look forward to from your trip?
  6. Famosos and a White Russian. I don’t see a lot of people pairing cigars with this drink, but I highly recommend it for any VR, montes or San cristobal. Beautiful.
  7. Coeur d’Alene Idaho. Fairly normal for this time of the year. Have to smoke minutos early in the day as the sun is down before 5 now.
  8. Fresh snow and a party short for my morning meetings.

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